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A Stellar Construction Choice

A one stop solution provider for Pre-Engineered Buildings and optimum customer choice rightly known as Everest Industries. It not only provides solutions under one roof but also does so on time. It is one of the pioneers in the industry with over eighty-five years of legacy. To enunciate about the[Read More…]

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Taksim Pavilion, Turkey

The most important public spaces of democracy for contemporary cities are squares. Those who live in the city come together freely in these spaces where their differences turn into acquaintances and a feeling of belonging to the city becomes open for everyone. Therefore, cities find a meaning through the presence[Read More…]

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Principal Tower, London

Principal Tower a comprehensively planned mixed-use scheme on the border of Shore ditch in the City of London. It comprises a 15-storey office building that hosts the London headquarters for Amazon, alongside one of London’s tallest residential buildings, the 50-storey Principal Tower, with six eateries that wrap around the building[Read More…]

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Luma Arles Tower, France

A twisting tower clad designed by architect Frank Gehry, is taking form in the south of France. Constructed from a concrete core and steel frame, the scheme emerges from a circular glass atrium echoing the town’s Roman amphitheater. The distinctive jagged form above the atrium echoes the region’s rugged mountain[Read More…]

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VMRDA Children’s Arena, Visakhapatnam

The Children Arena is an auditorium which is owned by VMRDA (Visakhapatnam Metropolitan Region Development Authority). This auditorium is meant for children which is multi- functional with a seating capacity of 1000. Ideation The idea of children arena started with the following: “Every child, when starts writing first there appears[Read More…]

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Steel Aids Precision

Steel’s malleability and ductility along with cost bends to our will to create ever large span structures. The use of steel is also beneficial during time constraints when steel prefabrication can take place off-site and quick assembly can be achieved on-site with guaranteed precision says SCOTT KNOX, STUDIO DIRECTOR OF[Read More…]

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Bhubaneswar Airport, Odisha

Design Intent The brief of the proposed terminal building posed a challenge to meet the aspiration of passengers which was to have a glimpse of such a large treasure of culture and heritage. The existing terminal building stands in stark contrast to the old building in terms of planning, design[Read More…]

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Advancing Towards Magnificence

A pioneer in the field of project management with some huge projects on their name and a reputation of delivering high quality projects named Potential Project Managers Pvt Ltd. The believe in enhancing their engineering, project management & delivery capabilities through reliable and collaborative practices. Enunciating about the same we[Read More…]

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OPPO’s New Headquarters, Shenzhen

Zaha Hadid Architects has been selected to build the new headquarters for OPPO, a Chinese mobile brand, in Shenzhen, China. China’s leading smartphone manufacturer has seen a rapid success ever since it has launched its first phone back in 2008. With over 40,000 employees in more than 40 countries, OPPO’s[Read More…]

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