Waterline, poised to become the towering beacon of Texas, graces the shores of Austin’s Lady Bird Lake, drawing inspiration from its picturesque surroundings. The architectural masterpiece blends into the natural landscape, mirroring the curves of Waller Creek with its gently arched podium.

With construction underway, Waterline promises to redefine Austin’s cityscape by becoming the tallest structure in Texas. Boasting 74 stories, the skyscraper will feature a blend of residential spaces, a hotel, and offices. Its sleek glass façade and intricate design, characterised by thin transoms, exude a sense of modernity and innovation.

The building’s distinctive structure comprises three sections, each delineated by columns, offering semi-open spaces. The ground level will house public retail and dining spanning 24,000 sq ft, elevated 30 ft above ground to accommodate the floodplain.

Waterline, Austin, Texas, skyscraper, tallest structure, modern, innovative, layered design, architectural rhythm

The project’s design extends public walkways from the adjacent park into the tower’s multi-leveled ground floor, fostering connectivity and interaction. Characterised by sculptural columns and infused with natural elements like stone and greenery, the pedestrian area includes retail spaces, dining establishments, and outdoor areas for communal engagement. Dubbed the Paseo, this space features a convenient drop-off portico linking to the bustling Rainey Street District. Notably, Waterline stands at the nexus of Austin’s inaugural light rail line, enhancing its accessibility and connectivity within the city.

The façade comes alive with deep balconies adorned with whimsical partitions, adding dynamism to the exterior. Above, office spaces and hotel amenities elevate the tower from its foundation, while exterior gardens offer breathtaking vistas of the surroundings.

Waterline, Austin, Texas, skyscraper, tallest structure, modern, innovative, layered design, architectural rhythm

Inside the tower, a thoughtful fusion of office and residential areas is integrated with both indoor and outdoor amenities, echoing the natural charm of the nearby creek. The mixed-use aspect of the project is evident in its layered and textured design, gracefully ascending while distancing itself from the water’s edge. The architectural rhythm is highlighted by a facade featuring mostly horizontal lines, interspersed with vertical elements for added visual interest.