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Dhana Dhanye Auditorium, Alipore

Dhana Dhanye Auditorium is a premier state-of-the-art multi-auditorium complex in Alipore, Kolkata. The auditorium was named Dhana Dhanye in honour of the renowned poet, playwriter, and lyricist Dwijendralal Ray.

Initially, the project’s target completion was December 2022, but the construction was disrupted due to the pandemic. The cultural relic was finally inaugurated and opened to the public in April 2023.

West Bengal’s Chief Minister, Mamta Banerjee inaugurated this amazing auditorium. The inauguration of this state-of-the-art facility is a significant development for Kolkata’s cultural scene and is anticipated to become a prominent venue for various events in the region.

Structure in Brief
Foundation: RCC Pile Foundation 5KT of reinforcement procured from SAIL and TATA Steel
Total hollow steel sections used for structure: 8000 MT approximately
Tubes at Main Columns, Trusses & Purlins: 1.2 KT out of 1.7 KT supplied by Tata Structura
HR Plate for floor beams: E250 1.5 KT from SAIL (Section thickness 45,56,60 mm width up to 2.5 m)
The conch shell, covered by a sheet of precious zinc and equipped with special lights from Japan is capable of displaying 33,000 different colours
Roofing: Two layers of roofing: Inner layer with composite structure of aluminium liner sheet, cement board, and Rockwool provided by a specialist supplier ‘Kalzip’ as a complete solution
The outer surface of perforated zinc sheet with thickness up to 1 mm which underwent multiple processing (PVDF coating etc.) at Surat and Bangalore with service provider VMZINC India

Design Concept
The Dhana Dhanye Auditorium is a mega project with more than 2,500 seating capacity at two levels. This unique structure is built in the shape of a Conch i.e., ‘Shankh’ which has a deep-seated root to the Indian culture. The structure has a base area of 8,800 sq. mtr. and is built on a land of 4.5 acres.

The project was conceptualized in 2017. During that period, the Tata Structura team was already serving PWD in other projects in the city, and hence, proved the natural choice for the newly conceived Alipore auditorium project. The project was awarded to M/s Ahluwalia as the contractor in 2018-2019 and the Tata Structura team along with the Channel Partner M/s Kedia Pipes continued engagement with the designer and execution team for the project.

Structural Aspects
The auditorium is designed in the form of a conch shell. It has a main auditorium of 2,000 seats with a mini-auditorium of 540 seats and an open stage with 300 seats.

The building has six floors containing a guest house, restaurant, cafeteria, VIP lounge, media lounge, and convention centre. The revolving stage has two concentric circles. The auditorium 510 feet in length and 210 feet in width is made at a cost of Rs. 440 crore.

The complex also uses LV/AV systems, solar systems, building management systems, etc. It has basement parking with two levels of car parking with proper ventilation which also helps to free traffic congestion in the Alipore area.

Facilities Galore
In addition to the auditoriums, the Dhana Dhanaye Auditorium offers other amenities such as banquet halls providing space for events such as weddings, receptions, and social gatherings, and a spacious parking facility on the ground floor that can accommodate up to 250 cars.

A food park is also included in the facility, offering a variety of dining options for visitors. This modern auditorium is expected to be a major cultural and entertainment hub in Kolkata, catering to a wide range of events and performances.

The Dhana Dhanaye Auditorium is expected to become a major cultural and entertainment hub in Kolkata, hosting a wide range of events and performances, and contributing to the rich cultural heritage of the city.

The state Public Works Department has constructed the auditorium and the responsibility for its maintenance has been given to West Bengal Housing & Infrastructure Development Corporation (HIDCO).

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