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The Grand Avenue Park Bridge in Everett, Washington is a […]
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Otzi Peak, Italy

The Hotel Grawand lies at the very top of this […]
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Screen Pavilion, China

The project is called "Screen Pavilion", which is the most exemplary of the public service pavilions in the...

Refugia Hotel, Chile

The architecture of the hotel seeks to plant a light footprint on the topography of the landscape....

Cuboseia & Steel Garden, Brazil

The main intention is the people’s interaction with the space through a literal entrance into the poetry’s...

Hong Kong West Kowloon Station China

Serving as a new gateway to Mainland China, the new section of the Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong high-speed rail service, which is 142 km in length,...

911 Villa, Vietnam

Inspired by Villa Savoye and the openness of vernacular architecture, the house is a steel box sitting resting above columns, freeing up the ground...

LLU House, Chile

The project is proposed with the concept of a “Family Lodge”, which aims to house a complete family of 4 generations, and friends. Located...

Federation Tower, Moscow

Federation Tower is a complex consisting of two skyscrapers – the 63-storey Tower West and the 97-storey Tower East – on lot 13 of...

Form of Wander, Tampa

Form of Wander is situated to host new outdoor activities and new memories of the Tampa’s active waterfront. As an inverted mangrove, the green-hued aluminium...

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