About Us

Steel Structures & Metal Buildings (SSMB), the brain-child of MX Business Media, started-off a new revolution of its kind to promote steel construction in India in a big way. SSMB, undoubtedly is a big boost for steel construction in India. This first-of-its-kind initiative is solely intended for promoting the ‘Build with Steel’ concept, which is yet to trigger-off entirely in the Indian market.

With the unprecedented demand in the Indian construction market, the industry is now facing the new challenge of meeting international standards. Also there is a growing realization that speed of the construction needs to be given importance. Here, Steel Structures and Metal Buildings plays a very pivotal role in raising the voice of the construction industry to the concerned people.

This journal is by the industry, of the industry, and meant exclusively for the industry. SSMB, through its vast reach, covers more than 40,000 industry professionals through its In-house Database, Industry Associations and International Exhibitions & Conferences held around the year.


SSMB provides ample of illustrations from around the world that will help change the general mindset of the people to turn to steel structures, which is economical and takes half the time, as compared to that of normal construction of the structures in general, and high rise structures in particular.

The magazine provides complete value to the advertisers, as it reaches out key decision makers, both, in India and abroad. It is also circulated in major trade exhibitions, seminars and conferences world-wide.

The broad, but, riveted reach of this publication, ensures that our advertiser gets the deservedly brand mileage that will help provide generate direct lead in their business, and at the same time provide trust and belief to the clients.


To promote the highly topical concept of ‘Build with Steel’ in India; by showcasing latest technologies coming into the international market.


SSMB provides reliable, accurate, apropos and unbiased information from Owners, Designers, Architects, Fabricators and Contractors point of view.