About us

Steel Structures & Metal Buildings (SSMB) magazine, the brainchild of MX Business Media, has emerged as a pioneering force in promoting the use of steel in Indian construction. This monthly publication serves as a comprehensive resource for industry professionals, offering in-depth coverage of the latest news, trends, and technical advancements in the field.

SSMB is more than just a magazine; it's a catalyst for change. Recognizing the immense potential of steel construction in India, the magazine aims to fully unlock this potential by advocating for the "Build with Steel" concept. This innovative approach addresses the unprecedented demand in the Indian construction market, while simultaneously emphasizing the need to meet international standards and accelerate construction timelines.

SSMB acts as a powerful voice for the industry, connecting over 50,000 professionals through its extensive network, including an in-house database, industry associations, and participation in international exhibitions and conferences throughout the year. By fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing, SSMB is empowering the Indian construction industry to embrace steel as a sustainable, efficient, and future-proof building material.

Why Choose Steel Structures & Metal Buildings Magazine (SSMB)?

SSMB is your one-stop resource for all things steel construction in India. Here's why you should choose SSMB:

  1. Championing Steel Construction:
  • SSMB showcases global success stories and practical applications of steel construction, shifting mindsets towards this economical and time-saving approach.
  • Compared to traditional methods, steel structures can be built in half the time, making them ideal for fast-paced projects.
  1. Reaching the Right Audience:
  • SSMB offers unparalleled access to over 50,000 key decision-makers in the Indian construction industry, both domestically and internationally.
  • We connect you with potential clients and partners through our extensive network of industry associations, exhibitions, and conferences.
  1. Maximizing Your Brand Impact:
  • SSMB provides targeted advertising opportunities that ensure optimal brand visibility.
  • You can generate qualified leads, build trust, and strengthen your market presence by showcasing your expertise in front of a highly relevant audience.

With SSMB, you gain access to a powerful platform to help you achieve your business goals in the dynamic Indian construction market.

Revolutionizing India's construction landscape, one steel structure at a time.
A future where steel reigns supreme, shaping skylines and accelerating progress.
We forge a sustainable future by championing innovative steel solutions, fostering strong industry collaboration, and delivering exceptional value to our readers and partners.