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New Genoa Bridge, Italy

The final piece of the new Morandi Bridge decking in Genoa, Italy has been put in place. Designed by Renzo Piano, the structure is being built to address the tragic collapse of the original bridge that claimed 43 lives. In the aftermath of the disaster, Piano offered to donate the design of a bridge to replace the old one, having been deeply affected by the tragedy.

Steel Promotes Architecture Freedom

Steel has a clinching factor of optimization of time which is an attribute to defining and determining the financial viabilities of the project. In the overall discourse of integrating steel with architecture, what we see as a challenge is more architectural than engineering, while, the relationship between the two is[Read More…]

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4 World Trade Center New York

Intended to The goal of the 72-story, 2.3 million-square-foot tower’s design was two-fold: to construct a powerful and efficient structure that would emanate a quietly dignified presence, and to enrich and enliven the surrounding urban environment. 4WTC meets these demands through significant yet restrained structural innovation, recognized by the 2017[Read More…]

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Knowledge Park, Hyderabad

Knowledge Park design is conceived to be a new age IT campus in Hi-Tech City, Hyderabad. It is futuristic and portrays as a destination by its own. It is spread across 10 Acres of land. Total built-up area is of 5-Million Sq. ft comprising of two-towers, one having 30-levels and[Read More…]

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Technology Modernizes Warehousing Industry

One of the leaders in Pre-Engineered Buildings with a supreme legacy of over 35 years is none other than Interarch Buildings Products Pvt Ltd. Equipped with in-house resources at par with international qualities standards and technology know-how; Interarch aids to shape a better, green and modern India. To orate about[Read More…]

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Airmesh, Singapore

AIRLAB has completed an angular, mesh-covered pavilion at Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay, which has a structure made with 3D-printed stainless-steel nodes. Built using more than 200 rods connected by 54 3D-printed steel nodes the temporary pavilion was created by the Architectural Intelligence Research Lab (AIRLAB), based at the Singapore[Read More…]

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King’s International College, Canterbury

Architecture firm Walters & Cohen uses weathered steel and concrete for King’s International College in Canterbury, Kent, to reference the site’s industrial heritage. The new college building for King’s School provides teaching areas and accommodation for students aged 11-16 who are entering the English school system from abroad. While the[Read More…]

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Academy Museum of Motion Pictures, Los Angeles

During the 92nd academy awards ceremony, Tom Hanks announced that Renzo Piano’s academy museum for Motion Pictures in Los Angeles will open to the public on December 14, 2020. Billed as ‘the world’s premier film institution,’ detailed plans for the much-anticipated museum and theatre complex were first unveiled in late[Read More…]

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Owara Restaurant, Nashik

Owara located in the Chandsi area of Nashik, is a stand-alone restaurant which automatically makes the design brief inclusive of the exteriors starting with the entranceway. The otherwise regular concrete and brickwork construction makes use of an unusually sloped roofline and angularly placed M.S. columns supporting the canopies of the[Read More…]

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Prestige Kingfisher Tower, Bangalore

The majestic Kingfisher Tower located in Bangalore has been built by Prestige Construction and United Breweries to serve as a luxury residence. Architects Thomas Associates and Structural Engineers Sterling Engineering Consultancy led proficient design teams to the completion of this urban edifice. Client Brief Client brief was simple, when it[Read More…]

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