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Auditorium at Vidhyut Bhavan-III, Patna, Bihar

Project Brief
The Auditorium at Vidhyut Bhavan-III in Patna, Bihar stands as a testament to the seamless integration of structural design and architectural excellence. Completed by DELF Consulting Engineers (I) Pvt. Ltd. in collaboration with Rajeev Agarwal Architects and Kalsi Buildkon Pvt. Ltd., this project exemplifies the use of steel as a versatile and sustainable material. With a focus on maximizing clear spans, achieving intricate geometries and ensuring aesthetic appeal, the auditorium showcases the immense potential of steel in the construction industry.

Project Description
This project consists of planning, analysis, and design of G+2 storey auditorium building. The different floor consists of projector rooms, pre-function area, catwalk area, auditorium hall and other amenities. The auditorium is designed to be highly flexible and can be configured for audiences ranging from 100 to 800 people. The outer shell of the building clad with High performance Galvanized aluminum is a steel structure that houses the large span column free Auditorium facility designed in RCC.


The exterior is adorned with 20 steel portal frames (1 inclined) covering 84 meters in length and varying heights of maximum 21 meters and a minimum of 8.3 meters. These portal frames are attuned with varying web depth and flange width as per the design requirement.

The front part of the roof is designed in structural steel as a long cantilever and is primed using a heavy structural steel box section on which the other two portal frames rest. These portal frames are designed to take a combination of Dead load, Live Load and Wind loads and transfer the same to beams and bracings and hence to base plate to RC foundations.


Choice of Material
Steel emerged as the material of choice for several reasons. Its exceptional structural strength and recyclability make it an ideal option for large spans, cantilevers, and complex 3D forms. The versatility of steel enabled the architects to explore fluid geometries and experiment with innovative designs, resulting in a sleek and modern aesthetic. Moreover, steel’s off-site project planning and modular assembly capabilities reduced on-site stress, ensuring a cleaner and more efficient construction process.

The project presented unique challenges, including purlin connections and achieving the desired roof profile. To accommodate the required roof shape, the purlin slopes needed to change from portal to portal, necessitating the creation of varying sizes of T-plate connections. Precision and accuracy were paramount during fabrication to avoid distortion of the roof shape.

Another major challenge was the design of the 11.2 meter cantilever portion at the front of the auditorium and the varying dimensions of the portal frames. Meticulously crafted fabricated I girders with varying web depths and flange widths were used to ensure that each frame met the specific aesthetic requirements of the project.
Steel’s recyclability, strength, and design versatility make it a sustainable choice for the future of construction. With a 100 percent recyclability rate, steel outperforms reinforced or prestressed concrete in terms of sustainability. Additionally, steel’s inherent strength allows for larger spans and cantilevers, providing designers with greater freedom in creating innovative architectural designs.

Software Used
A computer model of the structure is generated for carrying out analysis for imposed vertical and lateral loads. STAAD, ETABS & SAFE software is used for generating 3D model and carrying out structural analysis.

In Conclusion
The Auditorium at Vidhyut Bhavan-III in Patna, Bihar stands as a remarkable example of the successful integration of structural design and architectural finishes. Through the innovative use of steel, DELF Consulting Engineers (I) Pvt. Ltd., Rajeev Agarwal Architects and Kalsi Buildkon Pvt. Ltd. have created a visually stunning and highly functional space. The project showcases the immense potential of steel in realizing ambitious architectural concepts, while also emphasizing its sustainable attributes and recyclability.


Client: Kalsi Buildkon Pvt. Ltd.
Architect: Rajeev Agarwal Architects
Structural Consultant: DELF Consulting Engineers (I) Pvt. Ltd. (DCIPL)

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