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The Mayoral New Warehouse Logistics Centre, Spain

The new warehouse sits on the Mayoral campus in Málaga, Spain, adjacent to the protected warehouse originally designed by Vázquez Molezún and renovated by the same team in 2018. The project revolves around urban planning within this complex, emphasising harmonious integration with the existing warehouse.

With a high-storage program demanding a 20 m height and over 15,000 sq m of floor area, the challenge was to create a massive structure next to the existing 11 m tall building while seamlessly blending the two. This integration sought not just a shared volumetric language but also a conceptual connection, rooted in the textile industry represented by both buildings.

Two central concepts drove the project: Firstly, departing from the typical rectangular shape for this type of structure by curving its facades, distancing it from the existing building to soften the considerable height contrast. Secondly, pursuing an envelope featuring a textile-inspired design to engage in a visual dialogue with the original warehouse, exploring transparency and opacity akin to fabrics.

The facades, characterised by five large arches on all four sides, are further detailed with smaller arches that blur the solidity of the large volume, giving the impression of a building draped in fabric, reminiscent of Christo and Jeanne-Claude’s artistic expressions globally.

Technically, the project relies on two key pillars: prefabrication and energy efficiency. With a high degree of prefabrication and utilisation of BIM technology from design to construction, precision in timelines and budget adherence has been ensured.

The triangulated tubular steel structure, manufactured in Lalín, Galicia, features beams spanning up to 32 m, meticulously assembled on-site, including the intricate 16 m spiral staircase. Meanwhile, the folded zinc sheet facade hails from Asturias, with the interior polycarbonate skin sourced from Álava.

The 20 m facade comprises an inner layer of translucent polycarbonate for insulation and waterproofing, paired with an outer layer of micro-perforated zinc sheet. This dual-layer system allows natural light penetration while shielding the polycarbonate from direct solar radiation, enhancing the facade’s thermal efficiency.

This combination ensures naturally illuminated interiors across the building’s height, reducing reliance on artificial lighting and regulating energy consumption effectively.

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