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Hangzhou Asian Games Baseball and Softball Sports Cultural Center, Hangzhou, China

Situated at the junction of Keqiao District and Jinghu New District in Shaoxing, the Sports Park in the Future Community plays a crucial role as an important node and supporting facility within the planned baseball community. The project aims to infuse vitality into the sports community by incorporating multiple urban culture functions. The site, spanning approximately 136,000 square meters, consists of two plots, Plot A and Plot E. Plot A features baseball main and auxiliary fields, a physical training hall, and supporting hotels, while Plot E is designated for softball fields. The entire sports and cultural park is designed to be open to the public, free from enclosing walls. A sports and cultural commercial street and a second-floor platform seamlessly connect the various venues, allowing the public to have a zero-distance experience. By merging the internal public space of the site with the surrounding future community, the design encapsulates the theme spirit of the Hangzhou Asian Games is a harmony between hearts, symbolizing a collective journey toward the future.

To ensure the presentation of regional culture, the design draws inspiration from Shaoxing’s water town, integrating elements of artistic conception and textile culture. The architectural facade incorporates curved perforated aluminum plates, inspired by traditional cultural symbols such as silk belts, scrolls, and tile roofs. These elements form an image of Jiangnan, characterized by continuous waves while paying homage to the region’s rich textile heritage. The perforated patterns, varying in proportions and forms, infuse the facade with a unique rhythm, reminiscent of the poetry of traditional textile craftsmanship, evoking a sense of regional nostalgia and cultural pride.

The most distinctive architectural feature of the center is the floating ceiling above the venue. A bidirectional truss system, supported by slender steel columns, creates a cantilever of up to 16 meters. The ceiling’s top surface is covered with PTFE film coated with titanium dioxide, spanning an impressive area of 21,000 square meters. The undulating design resembles the ripples formed by a gentle breeze across the water, symbolizing the essence of Shaoxing’s water town. The underside of the ceiling is adorned with curved white perforated aluminum panels, allowing natural light to filter through and create a play of light and shadow. This translucent effect mitigates the overwhelming feeling of mass, establishing a delicate connection with the sky. The slender white structural columns resemble skylights piercing through clouds, imparting a sense of lightness and breathability. Illuminated by vibrant LED lighting at night, the ceiling becomes a captivating spectacle, providing spectators with a unique and immersive experience during games. The design meticulously calculates the surface curvature of the awning, optimizing drainage and shading effects through simulations of rain and sunshine. The slender steel columns serve various functions, including structural support, drainage, cabling, and aesthetics, creating a clean and pure space reminiscent of traversing a bamboo forest. The floating ceiling hovers over the venue, resembling a majestic cloud wing, epitomizing the center’s aspiration to seamlessly connect with its surroundings.

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