Officials from Hyderabad Airport Metro Rail (HAML) recently conducted a detailed survey to finalize the alignment and probable station locations for the upcoming Airport Metro. The survey involved a 14-kilometer walk from Nagole to Chandrayangutta, which marks the initial segment of the metro line. During this survey, Managing Director NVS Reddy personally inspected the route, taking note of various factors that would affect the metro’s alignment and station placement.

One of the key recommendations made by NVS Reddy was regarding the careful planning of land acquisition, particularly in areas with existing flyovers. He emphasized the need for meticulous planning to ensure that the metro construction does not disrupt the functioning of these flyovers or utilities located along the route. This recommendation highlights the importance of strategic planning to minimize any potential impact on existing infrastructure.

Another important aspect discussed during the survey was the placement of new stations along the metro line. Officials suggested that a new station could be considered after crossing Musi, which would provide connectivity to Kothapet junction and nearby colonies. Additionally, the location of the Nagole Airport Metro station was discussed, with plans to situate it near the current station on the left side, towards LB Nagar. It was proposed that these two stations be connected by a skywalk, ensuring seamless transfer for passengers.

Challenges were also identified at various junctions along the route, such as the LB Nagar Metro station, which may face difficulties due to an underpass and two flyovers. To address these challenges, officials suggested linking the new station to the current one on Corridor-I (Miyapur-LB Nagar) using a broad skywalk that can support walkalators for passenger convenience. Additionally, the construction of the Chandrayangutta interchange station was identified as an engineering challenge, requiring careful planning due to the presence of a flyover in the area.