An L-shaped subway, set to open in June, will connect Howrah railway station with the East-West Metro station, offering commuters seamless access between the two vital transport hubs. This development is poised to significantly enhance commuter convenience, eliminating the need for passengers to exit the metro station premises to reach Howrah railway station. The subway will cater to passengers travelling on trains from the Eastern and South-Eastern zones, streamlining their journey and reducing travel time.

The construction and design of the subway have been meticulously planned to accommodate the expected high volume of pedestrian traffic. Collaboration between the Kolkata Metro Rail Corporation (KMRC) and Afcons, the contractors of the Howrah Maidan-Esplanade section, ensured that the subway’s layout considers the anticipated foot traffic patterns. Covering a vast 52,000 sqm floor area, the subway seamlessly integrates Howrah metro station with the bustling railway station, providing a smooth transition for commuters.

Positioned 9m above ground level, the subway has been engineered to facilitate smooth pedestrian movement, with a length of approximately 100m and a width ranging between 8m and 13m. It provides direct access to Howrah railway station’s platforms 15 and 16, offering commuters a convenient and efficient way to navigate between the two stations. The subway is equipped with two escalators and a staircase at its access points, with plans for a canopied cover to enhance its aesthetic appeal and provide protection from the elements.

Moreover, the subway is equipped with CCTV surveillance and a public address system to enhance security and communication within the station. To address drainage challenges, a network of covered channel drains has been implemented, directing water to pumps near the emergency entry staircase, which then flows into the metro station’s drainage system. This comprehensive approach to design and construction reflects a commitment to providing commuters with a safe, efficient, and comfortable travel experience.

The construction of the subway, using the top-down method, posed significant engineering challenges due to the high footfall of both the railway and metro stations. However, careful planning and collaboration between KMRC, Eastern and South-Eastern railway authorities, and construction contractors Afcons have ensured the successful completion of this crucial infrastructure project.