Rajasthan’s Kota Railway Station is undergoing a significant transformation, set to receive an airport-like makeover under the supervision of West Central Railway’s DRM Manish Tiwari. With an allocated budget of Rs 207.63 crore, the ambitious project aims to elevate the station to international standards by its completion date of April 29, 2025.

The renovation encompasses a multitude of enhancements aimed at enhancing the overall passenger experience. These include the implementation of first-class amenities, the construction of two arrival blocks, and the addition of a departure block. Future amenities are set to include dedicated spaces for VIPs, comfortable waiting rooms, diverse food stands, and convenient kiosks. Additionally, a spacious 2100-square-meter concourse area is being constructed to seamlessly connect platforms 1 and 3, ensuring easy navigation for passengers. Furthermore, to ensure accessibility for all, the station is set to be equipped with eight lifts and 14 escalators.

In terms of safety, the project includes the installation of CCTV cameras throughout the station premises. Moreover, sustainability is a key focus, with plans to design the station as a green building. This includes the utilization of solar energy and the implementation of water conservation measures, aiming to reduce the station’s environmental impact.

The comprehensive overhaul of Kota Railway Station is not only expected to enhance travel experiences for passengers but also to stimulate economic growth in the region. The project is anticipated to create new opportunities for employment and development, setting a new benchmark for railway infrastructure in India.