Thursday, July 18, 2024

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Sany IROOTECH Headquarters, China

Designed by SOM (Skidmore, Owings & Merrill), the Sany IROOTECH Headquarters is set to be completed in late
2024 in Guangzhou’s Pazhou
Business District.

The project’s distinctive features include its unique structural design, self-shading facades, and terraces adorned with local flora. These elements powerfully convey Sany’s commitment to construction, technology, and growth.

Situated in the evolving Pazhou Business District, a hub for China’s technology-driven companies, the two towers of Sany IROOTECH Headquarters are projected to reach a height of approximately 230 m
upon completion. Encompassing 175,500 sq m, the complex comprises two Class A office towers interconnected by an external system of five-story steel columns forming a diamond grid pattern, creating an innovative self-shading façade.

Due to Guangzhou’s susceptibility to seismic activity and strong winds, the design and engineering team prioritised crafting a structure that would be resilient, ductile, and efficient in meeting these demanding conditions. The outcome is a sophisticated diagrid system, offering an unparalleled level of stiffness and strength for a building of this stature. The incorporation of unique friction nodes adds ductility to the diagrid system, enabling the two towers to effectively dissipate energy during seismic events, ensuring a robust and adaptable architectural response to the region’s dynamic forces.

After thorough evaluation and testing of various structural systems, the ductile diagrid structure emerged as the optimal choice, exhibiting superior performance with minimal deformation and reduced structural damage during major earthquake events. The design’s strategic minimisation of moment connections enhances efficiency and simplifies the construction process. Notably, multi-storey trusses spanning an impressive 65 m within the elevated podium seamlessly connect the two towers, forming a sheltered, public open space that adds a distinctive
and functional element to the architectural design.

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