Chiranjib Sarkar – Tales


Talking About Life’s Engineering Saga (TALES)’ is a segment that exclusively focuses on the top Project / Structural Consultants across the globe sharing their engineering journey in their own words. We have a veteran player in the field of consulting engineering – CHIRANJIB SARKAR – sharing his deep knowledge with us…

He believes that learning never ends…he is well acknowledged amongst his peers and his thirst for knowledge shows in his personal & professional life…

The man of the hour, Chiranjib Sarkar, Associate – Heavy Infrastructure, AECOM is here with us to share his enigmatic life journey…


Your College Name & Place: Jadavpur University, Kolkata
Total Years of Experience: More than 13 years
Your Idol: APJ Abdul Kalam
Your Mentor: Prof. (Dr.) Sibapriya Mukherjee
You want to be remembered as :
Tunnel and Underground Expert cum a Renowned Civil Engineer

Your mantra for success:
Never lose hope. Achievement would come through hardworking, patience and dedication.

Steel Projects that you are Currently Working on:
Multiple projects in Metro Railway sector like Delhi Metro Phase-IV, Mumbai Metro Line-4, Chennai Metro P2C3 & Lucknow Metro.


I believe Civil Engineering is a crucial field which facilitates development and progress of our daily life. It leads the humanity to enjoying greater civic amenities and comforts of life. Beyond the complex technical theories, Civil Engineering has a much broader aspect. My self-review and self-understanding made me more inclined towards science, and my desire to face challenges to help the community made me choose Civil Engineering over others.

After completing my bachelor’s degree from Jadavpur University in 2009, I joined one civil engineering consultancy firm and continued there for four years. After that I worked in one engineering construction firm for four years and have been working in AECOM India Pvt. Ltd. for the last five years. Though I currently work as a structural lead engineer tackling various structural design related problems, I have spent a long part of my career in construction sites, which has enriched my knowledge about construction challenges in India with both conventional and sometimes unconventional solutions to construction problem. These have moulded me to be a dynamic engineer today by not only having a strong theoretical knowledge but also helped me gain smart practical know-hows of civil industry.
In the meantime, I completed my Masters’ degree in Structural Engineering from Jadavpur University, and I am currently pursuing my PhD course on Tunnel Engineering from Jadavpur University, Kolkata to further expand my professional credibility. As a structural design team leader, I am always focused on value engineering, sustainable and easy-to-construct design. My continuous effort to bridge the gap between generations by networking among experienced personnel in the civil engineering industry.

As a structural lead engineer in consultancy industry, I have been involved in various metro projects ranging from elevated metro stations, viaducts, underground stations, tunnels, metro depot structures in eight to nine metro cities of India. Mainly, I work in underground metro structures and tunnels, which have their own set of challenges. Some of the biggest challenges I have faced recently was designing an underground metro station with an intersecting interchange of 2 lines, designing a metro station supporting a ramp from a flyover, etc. As part of my organizational involvement, witness of several challenging tunneling and underground project in India like under water tunnel, larger diameter tunnel etc. Strongly involved in some complicated metro projects where unconventional and innovative practices have been adopted on design and construction methodology with realistic consideration of actual site conditions.

It has always frustrated me how young engineers, freshers and students often have very little practical knowledge of the civil engineering industry. If given chance, I would try to include more industrial trainings and workshops for engineering students before they leave college, which would be affordable. Would give them opportunity to learn from experienced persons of the industry and show them proper application of the vast technical knowledge they amass in theoretical classes.

Metro stations are primarily concrete structures, and it seems there are very few applications of steel structures in a metro structure. However, the role of structural steel during construction period in metro project is indispensable. Steel members are being used as body part of the station buildings like entrance canopy, public connecting passage and walkway, PEB of RCC station building etc. On the other hand, steel members are being used extensively as supporting structure during construction of both elevated and underground structure. Being a structural lead designer in metro sector, my choice is always to go for value engineering and construction ease design.
Civil work of metro project mostly belongs to RCC structural element. However, it is impossible to execute without immense help of steel structure. Steel supports always provide light weight, economical, faster construction, and less maintenance cost. With the help of steel structure, lots of innovative practice beyond the existing conventional methods has been started in design and construction at many more metro projects in our country as well as abroad. More use of steel members would provide more sustainable network in metro transportation.

Apart from my office work and studies related to office work, I manage some time for myself to study and stay up to date with latest design and construction philosophies and challenges and their solutions all around the world. I am having quite an interest in concept-development of non-conventional approach of structural design for transportation infrastructure projects, where normal design is not possible due to several restraints. Unconventional and innovative technical solution many a times save a project from its long deadlock condition arise due to site constraints and other unwanted issues.
With this changing time, I try to be well informed about the latest research, trends, and industry requirements, reading literature, technical books and design code which will help me to refresh my technical knowledge.


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