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Corner Pavilion, China

Corner Pavilion is a small building designed by Dazhou and Associates for the coffee brand M Stand. The street is crowded with people and the site is defined out by three ginkgo trees, less than 100 meters from the West Lake. With three simple geometries supporting the heavy metal roof volume, the building stands like a sculpture on a busy street. It opens in all directions, so that there is no obstruction at eye level except for the necessary structure, and you can look at it and then through it.

It must be a space to enter and to stay. In the design, we compressed the bar space as much as possible and gave the semi-outdoor platform to the street. The large shelter attracts people coming and entering to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee. We wanted the corner pavilion to blend into the street and become an important public space in the square.

The metal texture makes the Corner Pavilion look heavy and calm, while the delicate structure allows it to float lightly. In the design, we intentionally cancelled a column on the West Lakeside, and the large roof is completed with more than 4m cantilevers, allowing view and space to extend towards the West Lake. The Corner Pavilion is neither close nor far from the lake, and it is quietly conversing with the West Lake in its own way.The Corner Pavilion is quiet, not showing off or yelling, and it has been there for a long time since the first moment it was there. When autumn comes, the ginkgo leaves fall on the roof, people take a rest here in the descending twilight, looking west, it is the sunset of West Lake.

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