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Refurbishment of the Shift Building in Paris

The project’s aim is to ensure that the building stays abreast of current trends in working methods, offering a variety of new, attractive, and flexible office space. A further two levels are added and a unifying open central space, designed for conviviality, frees up the interior. The resulting form and composition of the design provides a variety of working spaces with a more relaxed feel and improved acoustic properties.

The remodelling scheme, in addition to the interiors, rejuvenates the facades with a rhythmic architectural treatment. Its expressive external appearance owes much to the superimposed rhythms of vertical sun shaders forming, by means of projections of fine blades of varying width, a vibrating screen before the crystalline simplicity of its glazed facades. Approaches to the building are rationalized, and the entrances are clarified and enhanced to provide comfortable and agreeable outside spaces for users of the building and members of the public alike.

The project was inspired by both industrial and domestic design, mixing different materials to create a welcoming atmosphere in its large spaces. Innovative configurations have been integrated from the project’s conception to provide shared spaces that free ideas and create collective intelligence. On each floor, 500m² can be used as discussion and exchange areas. Because the workplace’s architecture favours serendipity, SHIFT connects all floors with a generous staircase, encouraging the free flow of ideas end employees.

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