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Joshua Tree Residence

London-based designer James Whitaker has released plans for a new house, due to be built in 2018, that’s made out of old shipping containers. It is not just about one sole shipping container creating a cosy microhome.

It’s a house that looks a bit like a spacecraft crashed in the desert, and is made up of an ‘exoskeleton’ of painted containers. t’s 200 square metre in total, and inside there are three ensuite bathrooms, a kitchen, and a living room. Obviously, the house hasn’t actually been made yet – it’s just in the design stages – so we don’t know exactly what these rooms will look like. But it looks like each one will sit in its own container, connected by a central point. The home is called the Joshua Tree Residence, and designer James says it’s been commissioned by a film producer with a passion for ‘nurturing creative projects’ – so it makes sense that he’d be keen for a house that’s a bit more out-there than the norm.

It’ll be built on a 90-acre plot of land in Joshua Tree, so it’ll be nice and private, too. ‘Earlier this year my client in LA had some friends visiting and, having a little time to spare, they all went on a road trip to visit the client’s plot of land in Joshua Tree,’ said James. The home will sit on a mountainside, with the home’s design ensuring each container provides incredible views across the landscape. There’s a car garage roofed in solar panels to provide power for the house, and plenty of private spaces where the owner can relax.

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