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Noida Airport to Indira Gandhi: 25 Stations in High-Speed Rail Link

The distance between Noida International Airport and Indira Gandhi Airport is set to diminish significantly with the introduction of a high-speed rapid rail. This rail system is expected to reduce the travel time to approximately 45 minutes, operating at a speed of 140 kilometers per hour. The detailed project report (DPR) outlines the connectivity of Noida Airport to the rapid rail (Namoh Bharat/Metro) via various routes including Ghaziabad, Greeno West, Surajpur, Pari Chowk, and Yeida City.

The National Capital Region Transport Corporation (NCRTC) is preparing to submit the DPR to the Yamuna Authority by April 4th. Notably, NCRTC will oversee the operation of both the rapid rail and metro between Noida Airport and Ghaziabad, marking its first venture into metro operations.

The high-speed rapid rail will make stops at selected stations, necessitating the construction of a separate loop. Initially, 25 stations are planned, with the potential for expansion to 38 in the future. Minor adjustments have been made to the alignment in the feasibility report and DPR.

The DPR envisions 25 stations between Ghaziabad and Noida Airport, with 11 for the rapid rail and 14 for the metro. Both the rapid rail and metro will share the same track, with three coaches in metro trains and eight in rapid rail trains.

To facilitate swift travel between Noida Airport and Indira Gandhi Airport, a dedicated high-speed rapid rail loop will be constructed at the station. This loop will allow the rapid rail to reach the airport without stopping, making selected stops along the route. The elevated route, spanning 72.2 kilometers between Ghaziabad and Noida Airport, is slated for completion by 2031, with an estimated cost of Rs 16,189 crore.

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