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Vajrateja Rice Cluster Pvt Ltd

The Vajrateja Rice Cluster in Halia, Telangana, is a cutting-edge facility with a remarkable processing capacity of 32 tonnes per hour. Sri Harsha Consulting Engineers, with its innovative design, sets new standards for efficiency and functionality.

Equipped with state-of-the-art technology in the modern rice industry, the Vajrateja Rice Cluster factory was created with the aim of paddy processing. The facility is located in Halia, Telangana and has a processing capacity of 32 tonnes per hour. The inside ambience resembles that of a clean room facility in the pharma industry.

Efficient Design
The factory, designed on the basis of the ACME designer’s drawings, is an entirely greenfield project. A master plan, the architectural GA drawings, and the elevations were made by taking into account the circulation requirements of the industry.

For its efficient functioning, the industry requires a paddy mill shed, a parboiling plant, a pre-cleaning shed, boilers, and silos. Furthermore, steel supports and foundations are required for tall and slender outdoor equipment.

Six silos with a capacity of 2,500 MT were constructed, each with a height and diameter of 20 m. While the general arrangement for such silos is at the ground level with a tunnel in the middle, the silos of the processing plant were placed at a height of 4.5 m above ground level. This opened up space for various usages like stores, plant offices and more.

The primary structure measures 46 m in width and 92 m in length, featuring column spans of 37 m in the width direction and placed at 7.6 m intervals along the longitudinal axis. The structure reaches a height of 15 m, with the ridge line positioned at 23 m, eliminating the need for gutters. This configuration not only enhances the interior ambience but also accommodates various pieces of equipment, some situated at ground level and others on mezzanine levels.

Choosing the right materials
The structure is designed as a PEB steel framework, featuring main columns constructed from 345 MPA grade plates. These main columns are designed with a web plate measuring 750×12 thickness, accompanied by two FLG plates of 300 x 16, extending from the 0.0 m level to 11.4 m. Additionally, there is a web plate measuring 732 x 12 thickness, also supported by two FLG plates, but with a thickness of 300 x 25, specifically designed to manage top moments.

The rafter incorporates a web plate measuring 750/1200 x 10th kt and is supported by two flange plates of 300 x 12. This design accounts for the bending moment profile of the rafter, accommodating varying web depths as required. The structure utilises Z-purlins with dimensions of 250 x 2.0 mm, constructed from high-strength material with a 550 MPA rating.

The client places great emphasis on the elevation of the structure. To achieve this, a combination of materials, including galvalume sheets, viva panels, and titanium-coated MS sheets were used. This design choice has resulted in a magnificent and striking structure.

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