In contemporary construction, steel structures have emerged as a preferred choice for high-rise buildings due to several compelling advantages. The inherent properties of steel, including its high tensile strength and lighter weight compared to concrete, have led to significant reductions in transportation and erection time, resulting in substantial cost savings for projects. Additionally, steel buildings offer superior seismic resistance and ductility, making them particularly suitable for construction in high seismic zones. Moreover, they boast increased space utilization efficiency compared to concrete structures.

Jindal Steel & Power (JSP) stands out as a key player in supplying high-grade (E350) structural steel for various projects, such as the DLF project in Chennai. Through collaboration with design and consultant teams, the company has gained recognition for its contributions to structural steel buildings nationwide. Notably, it has developed rolled structural steel solutions tailored to meet diverse project requirements, offering flexibility in beam sizes and grid dimensions.

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Projects like Samsung Engineering Data Centre, ITC Bangalore, Multi-Specialty Hospital in Davanagere, and Microsoft Data Centres underscore JSP’s significant role as a supplier of structural steel for high-rise constructions.

The company also advocates for the use of high-grade steel to achieve cost savings and enhance structural strength while reducing weight. Additionally, its acquisition of the BIS License to supply fire-resistant steel positions it to meet future demands for steel buildings, potentially lowering painted fire-resistance prices.

Project: DLF Downtown-Tower A&B, Chennai
Architecture: Design Plus Architecture
Consultant: Optimal Consultancy Services Ltd.
Steel Fabricator: Eversendai Construction Pvt. Ltd.