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Shimao Shenzhen–Hong Kong International Centre

A design for the Shenzhen-Hong Kong International Center, a 700-metre tall glass tower in Shenzhen, China. The megatall skyscraper is set to become the tallest building in China, and the world’s third tallest building. It will be built between the foothills of Longcheng Park and the Dayun National Park, and form part of the Chicago-based architect’s wider masterplan for the Longgang district in the east of the city.

The visuals released by the practice show the skyscraper’s twisted, “anthropomorphic” form, designed by Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill in reference to its proximity to several major sporting venues in the district.

Shenzhen-Hong Kong International Center will be topped with one of the world’s highest observation decks, alongside a restaurant, night club, spa facilities and a swimming pool. In the evenings, the tower will become “a visual, sound, and light show”, reinforcing the district’s athletic and entertainment purposes. It will be wrapped by landscaped promenades, which are designed to withstand Shenzhen’s heavy rainfall and flooding in the summer months.
Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill’s environmental goal for the Shenzhen-Hong Kong International Center, and the surrounding landscape, is to obtain LEED Platinum certification – one of the most popular green building certification programs used worldwide. Shenzhen-Hong International Center will be constructed using high-performance glass to reduce heat gain, the entire development will be orientated to optimise solar gain and natural ventilation. The architects have also incorporated a large public transportation centre and bus terminal into the masterplan.

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