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Shanghai Modern Art Museum, Shanghai

In order to organize better the space and minimize the damage to the existing bunker structure, the suspension structure is adopted in the design, using the top frame column left after the roof demolition to support a set of huge trusses and then to hang down layer by layer. One side of the hanging lateral slab is under the vertical stress from the upper suspension structure and the other side is connected to the original bunker structure as the vertical support. Thus, the circulation of the bunker structure exhibition space is well-organized, and, via those horizontal lines, the once-absent public connection is built up between the originally enclosed warehouse and the view of Huangpu River.

The slightly staggered lateral slabs are both space and landscapes, as if they imply the liquidity characteristics of the Huangpu River. And the v-shaped weaved slim vertical boom provide the Modern Art gallery a particular form language, and made it a very good coordination with the existing up-to-top steel truss stair channel forms. The steel suspension structure system, which used in the high walkway, is supported by the original concrete framework and works as the reinforcement of the old structure, the high walkway’s secondary structure and meanwhile the suspension structure of glass service space roof below the high walkway. Therefore, the glass structures no longer need vertical support and while the slight structure and the original rough concrete structure presenting the time tension it can achieve great visual transparency and extremely ensure the spatial feeling on the landscape level.

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