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Anna Meares Velodrome, Chandler

Designed by Cox Architecture the “Pringle-shaped” velodrome south-east of Brisbane CBD in Chandler is Queensland’s first indoor cycling facility. Surrounded by eucalyptus forest and part of the wider Sleeman Sports Complex, the velodrome, one of 17 new and updated venues being prepared ahead of the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games. It features a 250-metre timber track which caters to all types of indoor cycling races.

It accommodates 1,500 permanent seats, but will be able to hold 4,000 seats during the Games. Inspired by the dynamics of cycling, the sweeping roof form is a defining feature of the velodrome’s design.

The “Pringle” form follows the velodrome’s seating requirements. It lifts up towards the straights of the track where the greatest number of seats are and it pulls down at the bends where there is less seating. The velodrome will be open on both Saturday and Sunday in 2017. This new world-class facility will also attract elite training squads and competition events to further the development of cycling in Queensland.
German Company, Sportbau Schurmann GBH designed and built the velodrome track using their own patented design. With near 45 degree turns, the 250m track features a ‘wide track’ which is advantageous for the development of all styles of racing.The 1,500-seat venue will expand to a capacity of 4,000 during games mode and is one of the first facilities in Australia to be fitted with broadcast quality LED lighting. In terms of legacy, the installation of sports flooring and netting across the infield allows for the space to accommodate multiple sports.

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