Kolkata Metro Railway is gearing up to enhance its network by launching the Airport-Haldiram segment of the New Garia-Airport Orange line by the end of this year. This segment is part of the larger plan to expand the metro network in Kolkata and improve connectivity for commuters. 

The orange line, which currently operates between New Garia and Ruby, will be extended to connect with the Kolkata airport, providing passengers with a convenient mode of transportation to and from the airport. The station at Kolkata airport will serve as an interchange between the orange line and the yellow line, further enhancing connectivity within the metro network.

According to P. Uday Kumar Reddy, the General Manager of Metro Railway Kolkata, efforts are underway to complete and start the 2.4-km Airport-Haldiram section by the end of the year. This section will be a crucial addition to the metro network, providing a direct link between the airport and other parts of the city.

The expansion of the orange line is a significant step towards improving transportation infrastructure in Kolkata. It will not only benefit commuters but also contribute to the overall development and growth of the city. The completion of this project will mark a milestone in the expansion of the metro network in Kolkata, making it more accessible and convenient for passengers.

Furthermore, the Kolkata Metro Railway is also working on extending the orange line beyond Haldiram to Metropolitan on the EM Bypass by December. This extension will further enhance connectivity in the city, providing commuters with a seamless travel experience across different parts of Kolkata. Additionally, Afcons, the construction company responsible for the project, is working on the last leg of the orange line, including the construction of two stations at Chinar Park and VIP Road (named Rabindra Tirtha and Haldiram) and a 3.5 km viaduct. They are also building a 950 m underground stretch to the airport, which will significantly improve accessibility to the airport for passengers using the metro.