IGIA Aerocity, located at the Indira Gandhi International Airport, is undergoing a transformative expansion to become India’s largest aerotropolis, a city centered around an airport. Spearheaded by Bharti Realty, the leaseholder of Aerocity, the $2.5 billion expansion project includes the construction of a massive 2.8 million square feet mall, set to be the largest in India, surpassing current malls in Vasant Kunj. Additionally, the expansion will introduce a global business district, offering 18 million square feet of leasable space for offices, retail, food courts, and public areas.

The expansion will be carried out in phases, with Phase 2 targeting completion by March 2027. This phase will introduce Worldmark 4, 5, 6 & 7, providing 3.5 million square feet of leasable space and underground parking for over 8,000 cars. Phase 3, set for completion by 2029, will focus on developing 4 million square feet of commercial space along the Northern Access Road. These innovative spaces will feature “boundary less” office areas with ground-floor retail, connected by cycle tracks and walkways for a pedestrian-friendly environment.

Upon full development, Aerocity is expected to be a bustling hub with 2 million workers and an annual footfall exceeding 30 million, supporting IGIA in managing over 100 million passengers annually. To accommodate this growth, Delhi International Airport Limited (DIAL) is developing India’s first interstate multi-modal transport hub near the Aerocity metro station, integrating various transportation options including an interstate bus terminus, the upcoming Delhi Metro Phase 4 line, and the Rapid Rail Transit System station. Aerocity’s transformation is set to redefine the concept of an airport city in India, becoming a major center for work, travel, and commerce.

“Worldmark Aerocity will be the world’s most well-connected global business district with different modes of transport available. Individuals traveling from Meerut, Alwar, or Panipat will arrive here in less than 45 minutes using the upcoming RRTS. The mega mall will have parking space for thousands of cars,” announced SK Sayal, MD & CEO, Bharti Realty. Bharti is focusing on developing the mega mall as India’s biggest indoor entertainment destination, offering a wide range of global entertainment genres upon its opening in 2027.

Currently, discussions between DIAL and the Union aviation ministry are ongoing to determine the stops for the planned air train, linking T1 on one end and either T3/2 (or T4 instead of T2 by the decade’s end) on the other. The airport operator leans towards installing two air train stations within Aerocity, while the ministry leans towards fewer stops to streamline swift intra-terminal transfers.