Grew Energy Pvt Ltd, a venture of the Chiripal Group, is poised to catalyze a renewable energy revolution in the picturesque region of Jammu and Kashmir. With a mammoth investment of Rs 4500 crore, Grew Energy is setting up a cutting-edge manufacturing unit that will not only meet the solar needs of the region but also contribute significantly to India’s ambitious net-zero target.

The state-of-the-art facility, spread across 80 acres in Kathua, will be fully integrated, producing a staggering 3.2 GW of high-efficiency modules and 2.8 GW of ingots, wafers, and cells annually. This makes Grew Energy the first renewable energy player in India to establish such a facility in Jammu, marking a significant milestone in the region’s renewable energy landscape.

The groundbreaking ceremony, attended by Grew Energy officials and Chiripal Group dignitaries, was a momentous occasion that underscored the commitment of both entities to sustainable development. CEO Vinay Thadani expressed heartfelt gratitude for the government’s unwavering support, emphasizing the plant’s socio-economic impact on the region. He also highlighted the plant’s crucial role in supporting India’s ambitious goal of achieving net-zero emissions.

Looking ahead, Grew Energy has set ambitious targets for itself. By FY25, the company aims to achieve a manufacturing capacity of 6 GW of modules and 2.8 GW of solar components. This reflects Grew Energy’s unwavering commitment to quality and self-sufficiency, as well as its vision to propel India to the forefront of the global renewable energy arena.

Grew Energy’s mega-investment in Jammu and Kashmir not only signifies a significant step towards meeting the region’s renewable energy needs but also underscores India’s broader commitment to sustainable development and environmental stewardship.