A colossal 2,000-metric-ton arch bridge, a vital piece of the Mumbai Coastal Road project, embarked on its journey, marking a significant milestone in the project’s progress. This departure symbolizes the culmination of meticulous planning and collaboration among various companies involved.

Gently guided by tugs, the arch bridge traversed the waters, captivating onlookers along the western shore as it passed Colaba. Its majestic presence hinted at the transformative impact it will have on Mumbai’s coastal landscape.

Anticipation builds as the arch bridge inches closer to its final destination – the Worli site. Scheduled for a late-night arrival, the bridge’s impending arrival signals the beginning of a new phase in the project.

This journey is more than just a physical movement; it’s a testament to the collective effort of various companies who provided solutions and sourced steel for the project. Their contributions highlight the shared commitment to realizing the vision of a modern and efficient coastal road for Mumbai.

Looking ahead, the focus shifts to the next steps: the planned erection of the bridge. However, with the possibility of unpredictable weather, a contingency day is designated to ensure the project stays on track despite any unforeseen challenges.

As the arch bridge makes its way towards Worli, the city eagerly awaits the dawn of a new era in transportation infrastructure.