The dream of a seamless connection between Kolkata Airport and New Barrackpore via metro, which seemed to have taken flight and then stalled, is now set for a hopeful revival. Recent discussions between airport and Metro Railway officials in Delhi have charted a course to overcome the obstacles that had grounded the project for several months.

The primary concern centered around the New Barrackpore station’s design, potentially jeopardizing flight safety. Originally planned with a 4.5-meter-high entry and exit point, the station intruded upon the landing path of incoming aircraft. A creative solution is being explored: significantly reducing the station’s height. Imagine a station entrance almost flush with the ground, similar to some Delhi Metro stations, accessed through a designated shaft. This ingenious approach would eliminate any obstructions for landing airplanes.

Another hurdle emerged regarding the placement of approach lights on the airport’s main runway. The initial proposal by Metro authorities to shift these lights to accommodate the station structure threatened to reduce runway capacity. To navigate this challenge, a more elaborate solution is on the table. It involves relocating the entire underground station to the other side of Jessore Road. While this offers a permanent fix for the approach lights, it necessitates obtaining local police approval due to potential road closures during construction.

The final hurdle involved the towering cranes, essential for constructing the underground tracks. However, their 36-meter height raised concerns about disrupting flight communication, navigation, and surveillance equipment. A solution is being formulated that involves a clever modification of the construction method. By lowering the crane arm’s height to a safer 18 meters during operation, the project can proceed without compromising flight safety.

The collaborative efforts of both aviation and Metro Railway authorities signify a positive turning point. The proposed solutions offer a promising path forward for the completion of this vital metro line. It’s a win-win situation, ensuring the safety of air travel while bringing much-needed connectivity to the region. With these innovative approaches, the Airport-New Barrackpore Metro project is poised to take flight once again.