The Kolkata Metro network is poised for significant expansion with the commencement of construction on the underground section of the Joka-Esplanade corridor (Purple Line). This ambitious project marks a pivotal step in enhancing Kolkata’s rapid transit system and fostering improved connectivity within the city.

The Mominpur-Esplanade stretch, encompassing roughly 8.5 kilometers, will be constructed entirely below ground. Tunneling operations, scheduled to begin at Khidderpore and extend to Victoria (Memorial) station, signify the project’s active phase. This crucial stage will involve the deployment of Tunnel Boring Machines (TBMs) that will meticulously carve a path beneath the bustling streets of south Kolkata, laying the foundation for the future metro line.

The project builds upon the successful completion of the initial 6.5-kilometer stretch from Joka to Taratala, inaugurated in December 2022 and further extended to Majerhat earlier this year. The addition of the Mominpur-Esplanade section will bridge the gap between these existing routes, creating a more comprehensive metro network for residents in south Kolkata. However, the project necessitates temporary adjustments to ensure smooth construction and minimal disruption.

Several iconic club tents in the Maidan area, including the Calcutta Police Club, Calcutta Kennel Club, and Rajasthan Club, will be temporarily relocated outside the construction zone for the construction of the Park Street station. These relocations are essential to prioritize the safety of both construction personnel and patrons of these esteemed institutions.

Similarly, the Kolkata Mounted Police paddock will be temporarily moved to Saheed Minar Maidan to facilitate construction of the Esplanade station. Additionally, the Manohardas Tarag water body will require dewatering to enable safe underground tunnel construction. While these measures may cause minor inconvenience, they exemplify the Kolkata Metro’s commitment to expanding its reach while minimizing disruption to daily life.

The completion of the Joka-Esplanade corridor, particularly the Mominpur-Esplanade stretch, will be a transformative development for Kolkata’s public transportation system. It will significantly reduce travel times for commuters in south Kolkata, offering a faster and more reliable alternative to congested roads. This improved connectivity is expected to stimulate economic growth in the region by enhancing accessibility to workplaces and business opportunities in the city center. The project also embodies Kolkata’s commitment to sustainable urban development by promoting a cleaner and more efficient mode of transportation.

As Kolkata embarks on this subterranean journey, the Joka-Esplanade corridor promises to revolutionize how residents navigate the city. It will offer a faster, more convenient, and environmentally friendly way to travel, work, and explore the vibrant metropolis. This project serves as a testament to Kolkata’s commitment to progress and its vision for a well-connected and sustainable future.