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Demolition of Chennai Airport’s T3 Terminal Set for Next Month as Part of Phase 2 Modernization

The T3 terminal at Chennai Airport is scheduled for demolition next month, a crucial step in facilitating the ongoing construction of the new integrated terminal, a significant component of the Rs 2,467 crore Phase 2 modernization project. Officials from the Airports Authority of India (AAI) have revealed that the contracted team has already commenced the process of dismantling the electrical equipment within the T3 building.

The plan is to commence the demolition work on this structure next month, and it is expected to continue for a duration of 2-3 months. By early next year, the subsequent construction phase is expected to commence to complete the new integrated terminal.

The Phase 2 project, designed to unfold in stages across an expansive area of 2,20,972 square meters, envisions the central position of the international terminal, flanked by two domestic terminals upon its projected completion in 2025. The initial segment of the new integrated terminal building, covering 1,36,295 square meters, was inaugurated in April, with international flight operations transitioning to this terminal in July. AAI had initiated preparations for the construction of the remaining portion of the new terminal building.

While officials had initially indicated that T3 terminal demolition would commence by June, it is now underway. Upon the full completion of the integrated terminal in the next two years, Chennai Airport’s passenger capacity is set to soar to 35 million passengers annually, doubling from its current capacity of 17 million passengers.

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