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Shalimar High Rise, Lucknow – Landmark Structure

Shalimar’s new Edifice is a composite steel structure high rise standing approximately 30 meters in height and is the state-of-the-art building in Lucknow. The structure is a steel pre-engineered building with 2 basements plus 9 floors.

Structural Elements
This project was designed and erected for a well-known developer in Lucknow known as Shalimar Builders. Shalimar is a prominent builder in Uttar Pradesh, especially in Lucknow and nearby cities. Shalimar planned this multistorey project which is for mixed-used occupants. They have previously constructed TCS Campus and Vodafone multistorey building as they wanted to connect this old building with this new building planned in steel.

The ground and first floor of this multipurpose facility will be for retail purposes, while the above floors will be for commercial purposes. Therefore, the building can be used either by TCS, Vodafone, or any other corporates for office purposes. This concept was explained by the Managing Director of Shalimar to the Zamil team, who then proposed this one-of-a-kind composite structure. The project was at a prime location where land cost was very high, so the client agreed to go for a vertical expansion to get maximum value. Hence, this project was conceived after a thorough discussion with the Shalimar team and Zamil’s ideation of the structure.

The design of these buildings was quite complex and had a massive, detailed connection design that involved a 150 plus nut-bolting assembly. Zamil’s Vietnam team was also engaged in detailing, which became a great benchmark for the collaboration of multiple teams, stationed at different locations reflecting the strength of Zamil’s global network.

It is a composite structure that can be rightly called a Pre-Engineered Building. It has encased steel sections in RCC where the design is done utilizing PEB Steel Columns, whereas RCC columns reinforcement steel TMT bars are used, instead of TMT bars PEB Columns, which are then cast in the RCC Columns.

In this project, High-grade steel of 345mpa was used, which is high tensile steel.

The erection of this challenging project was executed using a Tower Crane. There were many complexities in erection because of the site constraints. This property was at a prime location and there was no space for stacking the material at the site hence the material stacking was done 2 km away from the site and working hours were in shifts. There was a limited window for the movement of the crane at night. The Zamil team worked as per the restrictions given by the local authorities, so the material was transported to the project site, which was 2 km away, and then erected. The material was transferred from the storage hub to the site and erected during the daytime. It was a very challenging task that needed precise coordination.

Execution and Time Schedules were a big challenge. During the execution of this project, there was the first wave of covid and the entire project execution schedule went for a toss. Zamil realigned themselves, the team, and their activities and started working in the hours when covid restrictions were relaxed in 2021. This was a great learning experience for them and their team.

Safety Measures & Welding Process
The safety measures were observed as per Zamil Standards, which were not compromised during the entire covid period. The entire project was made at the factory and only nut-bolting assembly was done at the site. At the factory, the welding process done, which were Submerged Arc Welding (SAW), was as per Zamil’s stringent quality standards. The arc and beams were produced using the SAW required for the project.

The total amount of steel used was 2350MT while the manpower deployed was 60-70 and the execution time was nine months.

“We are very proud to be associated with Zamil Steel who were instrumental in this project. Several other vendors were considered, out of which Zamil Steel stood out owing to the high quality, flexibility, and promptness offered by them. Zamil Steel met all our construction needs and elevated our building for the future. We are looking ahead in a similar direction and strongly consider steel building over conventional.”
Kunal Seth, Director, Shalimar Builders


“This was one of the most unique and challenging projects of my career, wherein a majority of the responsibility from design to commissioning of the project rested on my shoulder . This interesting composite structure had many exciting features which made it eccentric. The incredible support we received from Shalimar’s in-house design and project team made this dream project a big success. Today the structure stands tall as one of the landmark projects in Uttar Pradesh for its unconventional design, geographical location, crescent shape, and seamless interface between the buildings.”
Sarvam Shukla, Zonal Head (North India & Nepal), Zamil Steel Buildings India Pvt Ltd.

Developer: Shalimar Builders
Architect: Sikka Associates
Steel Supplier: Tata Steel & JSW
Steel Fabricator: Zamil Steel Buildings India Pvt Ltd
Steel Tonnage: 2350MT
Status: Completed

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