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Having created masterpieces across various locations in Warehouses & Industrial Structures, the firm has become a global leader in the Logistics Sector. They not only provide best solutions but also ensure customer satisfaction at its best…. As their name reflects brand, they have made a mark and have become a brand in the logistics – LOGOS Group…

To speak in depth about them and their future and we have with us the man-of-the-hour…

James Anderson, Head of Development, LOGOS Group

Q. Logos being a joint venture between int venture between Logos Property Group (Australia) and Assetz Property Group (Singapore), How has been this Journey?

A. It’s been formative to see the collaboration of strengths both organisations offer. Logos as a sectoral specialist have strong global network of tenants, brand recognition and product specialization. Assetz is an organised Developer with capacity and experience of delivering projects in India across multiple sectors.

Q. Having done so many logistic Parks What is your take on the Indian Warehouse & Logistics Sector?

A. The clarity of what defines Grade A warehousing is more understood in the market and the realisation of end users of direct and indirect benefits such as operational costing efficiencies, functional longevity, improved working environment and better facilities provided with Grade A warehouse is starting to be understood and realised. The palatability of end users to pay the associated rental incremental of being in a Grade A warehouse should become more conducive and accepted in what remains a notoriously price sensitive market.

The fundamental of this sector remains very strong with the need for warehousing pan India. It’s a very exciting time to be in the sector in India.

Q. What trends and changes do you foresee in the Logistics Industry in next few years?

A. The demand in tier I and tier II cities will remain very strong while last mile logistics as expectation on deliverable times and competitive service standards between ecommerce companies will create opportunities closer to city centres. Along with this provision of automation will gradually increase.

Q. How do you think about steel as a material, that will aid in the growth of the Logistics and Supply Chain Sector?

A. Proportionate to size steel comprises approximal a third of the cost of an industrial warehouse development so it’s a core material in warehousing. It is highly durable and offsite manufacturing means that it is produced in a controlled environment, so quality is improved, waste is minimized, and construction delivery speed is augmented as substructure (civil works) are undertaken in parallel. Pre-engineered building (PEB) vendors are one of the more organised trades within the sector having well-structured and equipped operations.

Q. What inspired you to build your carrier in warehousing industry

A. The opportunity presented and more, so I was hugely passionate about India and compelled by the opportunity available in the market here (I still am!).

Q. What makes LOGOS different from its contemporaries?

A. Logos executes the fundamentals very well. The company has a good product, highly attentive to its customers and inhouse global expertise executing projects throughout Asia Pacific.

Q. What are the challenges faced in building a Warehouse, today?

A. Land acquisition remains the greatest challenge in the sector. It is flaunted with difficulty and time unreliability. Given the low price point of construction in warehousing subcontractor engagement is local orientated and at a smaller scale, so operational organisation amongst trades is lower henceforth more active management and coordination is required.

Safety and quality standards need improving and to become more uniformed across all developments within the sector.

Q. What role has technology been playing in developing the Logistics Sector?

A. Technology has evoked an unprecedented change in the sector, this is typified in how society has shifted to online purchasing of goods and accompanied with expectations of receiving the purchased items with 24-48hrs. This has augmented the scale both in terms of the number of warehouses needed via having greater distributional capacity and proximity. The size of the warehouse itself has enhanced and continues to get bigger.

In construction technology we are seeing a continued gravitation to offsite manufacturing via pre-engineered building technology and precast concrete, which is improving quality, minimising waste, reducing on-site worker numbers, and improving safety.

Q. Having done Warehouse both in India & Overseas. What designing and development difference do you see in the said Warehouses?

A. Planning and regulatory enforcement needs to be strictly enforced and consistent, this is a paramount difference comparative to entrepot trading countries of Singapore and Hong Kong in which regulations are uniformly adhered too. Quality of construction is still a differentiator; it has improved significantly over past years and will continue to do so however expectations and standards of acceptance need to be further increased.

Q. What are the plans of LOGOS for the next 5 years?

A. Logos has a strong growth mandate over the coming 3 years both within India and across the many Asia Pacific countries in which we are present to increase our development pipeline and assets under management.

Q. What message would you like to give our readers?

A. Never compromise on quality and safety. Openly invite all to visit one of the Logos projects in India!

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