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Labor Quarters, Aurangabad

The construction industry is one of the world’s growing industries, with the labor force driving the groundwork. Labors who work on construction sites, industries, and farmlands also deserve to live in a good place. It is always a huge task and not possible, although labor shortage creates a lot of delays in any job along with a monetary loss to all the owners and stakeholders of the project. So, the best way to resolve this is to accommodate the workers by building them labor quarters.

Workers could be placed in a prefabricated labor quarter. There are a wide variety of Prefabricated Worker Accommodations that are both high in quality and low in cost. These structures are built from high-quality raw materials and are common because of their reliability and ease of installation.


Pooja & Piyush Associates with their design aim to reduce the environmental impact by designing our structure that uses maximum recyclable materials, which offer high performance, and is low in maintenance…

This project is in Aurangabad, Maharashtra for the renowned seed industry, Ajeet Seeds Pvt Ltd which desired to make a colony of labor quarters to house 32 families. Instead of building traditional load-bearing construction, the architect proposed to the client Mr. Sameer Mulay, to build one prototype which could be replicated in the future as many times on their different farms.

Design Intent

Thus, a module of eight quarters was derived and worked upon in an area of 4000 sq. ft. Each block was designed of 12’ x 30’ in which the front area was a verandah while the central area served as a living area with a provision of kitchen platform…the rear block was used for utility and toilet block promoting labors to follow proper health and hygiene measures.

The entire block receives natural light from east and west keeping it well ventilated throughout the day. The slope of the roof is designed east to reduce the internal heat gain that creates sufficient volume on the west and allows hot air to exit from the top through the stack effect keeping interiors well-lit and cross-ventilated throughout the day. This is especially beneficial in the tropical hot & dry climate of Aurangabad where summers are extremely hot.

These types of Prefab Labor quarters are the most cost-effective and easy way to build at any place in India or around the world.

Technological Advantage

The key advantages of creating prototype prefabricated labor quarters increase structural productivity as fabrication takes place offsite in a factory environment and speeds up the building process by around 60 per cent. The completion of the conventional building is often postponed due to environmental conditions, but this is not the case for prefabricated construction.

Erection Technique

The erection of the steel structure along with roofing sheets was completed in just 2 days while internal walls in 75mm thick readymade Aerocon partition were completed in one week. The other interior works like flooring, plumbing, electrification, etc. took another 3 months. Thus, the project of eight units was completed in just 4 months from its inception which conventionally takes more than 6 months.

Also, a lot of natural resources like brick, sand, cement, and water were conserved as the entire shell was manufactured in modular design.

The structure is designed with light hollow steel pipes from TATA STRUCTURAL and is detailed with a nut and bolt fitting assembly that is easy to fit on-site or even dismantle in the future if required.

We are happy to share that our client was convinced and satisfied.

He later decided to build three more prototypes and today the family of thirty-two families stays together rejoicing happy times in a space that is not only healthy but which has created a minimum environmental impact.

“We are constantly striving to deliver designs that are creative, sustainable and always inspiring. With a aim to create architecture that offers natural and healthy living spaces, that have a long service life and high performance by maximizing recycling of materials and minimizing environmental impact. We urge to indulge into experimentation with every new opportunity, they have shown their ability to explore, grow, intensify and keep the process of continuous learning on” PIYUSH KAPADIA, Principal Architect, Pooja & Piyush Architects

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