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Catamarca Building, Argentina

The project in question is an apartment building with seven stories and a ground floor, located in the General Paz-neighbourhood of the city of Córdoba. The project seeks to generate apartments that have living room and bedroom spaces with dimensions that allow their use in a comfortable and spacious way.

Taking advantage of the split-levelling required by the official standards, a series of metal terrace balconies are designed as an addition to the main structure, which allows all the apartments to have their own exterior expansion. The sanitary facilities are centralized after a detailed study of their optimal location. They are in connection with a technical ceiling, where 100 per cent of the installations are hung, which will allow easy maintenance. Finally, for the realization of the artwork, which is a requirement of the municipality, a competition was held in which more than 20 artists participated, the winner being the proposal “Luna de Catamarca”. The piece is a moon that lights up at night, located on the roof of the building.

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