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Shimao-The Wave Showroom, Tianjin

Located at Binhai New Area on the eastern coast of Tianjin, the project is in the heart of the Bohai Economic Rim and close to Tianjin Binhai Aircraft Carrier Theme Park and Binhai Matsu Cultural Park. It is a diversified land that integrates entertainment, edutainment, and culture. Its excellent geographical conditions make it a unique area for exhibition and experience. The entire bay area planning follows the basic logic of “point, line and plane to create contemporary urban spatial sequence of man, sea and sky”. Inspired by the idea of wave, the building focuses on the theme of “water”, extracts the concept of “water drop and wave” from waves and creates an image on the sea. The whole building resembles the wave to create a dialogue between the building and nature, and the building has become a symbolic existence where the sea and the earth converge.

The entire exhibition area is designed with three major functional areas: The Wave (art museum), outdoor theatre and public space. Each area relates to surrounding beach. The building is separated from the sand dune and reef, looking like a floating space structure above the sea. The junction of the building also comes with three outdoor terraces overlooking the sea. This area is an extra space of the building. People may feel completely relaxed when only the sounds of nature are heard. In this space, people, sea, air, and the sunshine establish a closer connection. An integrated parametric design is used for the skin of the building. The subtle arrangement of the scale-shaped aluminium plate allows the façade to reflect the sunlight from different angles in different periods of time. The pool around the building casts diffuse light onto the scale-shaped façade to produce a gorgeous look. The column-free space of the 30-plus-meter tall building is achieved by the thin shell structure, as it goes upwards to split into three sections that balance the stress in each direction.

BIM technology is applied to the scale-shaped aluminium plate, which enables more than thirteen thousand pieces of aluminium plate to fit properly on the façade and delivers a rhythmical upward spiral texture. The real-virtual façade has achieved perfect balance in efficient heat insulation and appropriate daylighting. All electromechanical devices are concealed underground, and the roof and building skin make up an integrated design. The pure form is realized with the help of technology.

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