Tuesday, May 28, 2024

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Bitwise Headquarters, Thailand

Bitwise is a manufacturer of air conditioners, with a long track record and experience in the industry in Thailand. Their Headquarters design was realized from the conceptual organization’s image and identity. The concept of rethinking “Innovation” was applied into the form of the building. The conventional column structure was eliminated, to create a form that could correspond, not only to the required functionality but also the company’s approach toward image branding for Bitwise Headquarters. For the space of almost a 1,500 m2 capacity on the third and fourth floor to be able to cantilever 14 meters from the main structure and overhang above the drop-off area by using steel truss.

The truss structure also appears within the interior space of the third floor and these triangulated geometric patterns from structure were selected for the facade cladding pattern of the building’s exterior shell. The double-layered exterior shell for the south, and, west facade is the solution for such requirement with aluminum louvers whose forms are similar to those of ventilation fins of an air conditioner. The louvers welcome in the presence of natural light and outside surroundings. Bitwise Headquarters is an innovative experiment where architecture, engineering and construction become parts of the conceptualization and development process in which a building’s physicality and functionality are conceived, not only to represent but also innately from the owner’s identity.

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