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Sleek Tinman House, Bangkok

JunS ekino Architect & Design is a name to reckon in architecture from Thailand. His recent design of a 3-storeyed building in the heart of Bangkok which is an adaption of the Tinman from ‘The Wonderful Wizard of Oz’ have caused quite a stir. Set in the centre of the city, where land is often limited, the three-storey 415-square-metre building is designed to make the most of the space available.

The significant about the structure is the maximum use of steel in the construction. Using of structural steel have helped met the deadlines of which was otherwise said to be a demanding schedule. Sekino explained the benefits of using structural steel and pointed out that it can reflect the flexibility of the construction process and represent the quality of the truth to materials. Sprung out from the idea of replicating the Tin Man from L Frank Baum’s novel the Wonderful Wizard of Oz, which was described by the architect as “a character that simply represents a humble, honest heart”, the house personified its name, Tinman.

Aesthetically designed, the first and second floors of the house are linked by coloured steel staircases, which echoes the steel structure, and a skylight placed above brings in additional natural light. The bedroom on the third floor is accessible by separate intricate spiral stairs. External temperatures are combated by ventilation throughout the building provided by slatted louvre windows, which echo the “minimal and elegant detailing” of the house’s steel structure. Coupled with a double wall that spans the entire area of the building’s west facade has been designed to prevent internal temperature loss.

This design specifically and majorly made of steel oozes a sleek look and required less time in the making and construction of it, thus befitting the new definition of Bangkok which is chic and bohemian. Further, the intricate installation of steel structure has not only reinforced cost-efficient housing but manifested a new style of urban living haven.

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