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New Passenger Terminal, Franjo

The new terminal complex serves up to 5 million passengers a year. The first phase site plan has 8 boarding bridges linked to the terminal building on the north side, and an arrival/ departure ramp with a viaduct on the south. The landside surroundings spatial organization at entrance allows the dominance of pedestrian esplanade in the middle. A dynamic roof envelope, which unwraps itself, to levitate above the terminal hall generates the free dynamics of the structural net – an iconic expression of the landscape and its relief features as original attributions to the generated architectural form. The distinctiveness of the architectural design is achieved through a composition of hypars.

The envelope structure is a spatial truss gently curved in two directions deploying tens of thousands prefabricated steel tubes and nodes based on the triangular off grid module ending in bright, glossy and clean roof surfaces. In the same way, the interior is enriched with the originality of the curved ceiling and construction that is bursting with a multitude of steel elements of the spatial steel structure. The terminal building interior ambiences bear the attributes of neat, clearly arranged areas that follow the functional requirements of airport protocols. This steel truss structure is built on a modular grid of 3.60 x 3.60 m, with an off-grid displacement between the upper and lower truss level. The pier design allows for the flexibility that is necessary to sustain the expected increase of air traffic in the future.

New Passenger Terminal building dimensions are 153m by 153 m, reaching to a height up to 35 m, with a 284-m long pier, total gross building area of 65,000 m2. Functional organization is developed and distributed vertically among the four levels: – Arrival level is located at the level “0” ground floor.

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