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NOW-26 Television Studio, Thailand


Architectkidd took an old, out-of-date building and turned it into this incredible television production studio using (almost) exclusively steel tubing. The architects removed the old cladding that covered the existing structure, which exposed the steel structure underneath, and inspiration struck. In order to compliment the structure’s core and stick to a utilitarian and economically-conservative build, the architects selected 19mm hollow steel tubes to replace the old cladding.

The result is a structure that is captivating with its unique translucent ‘inside-out’ appearance. According to Achitectkidd, the steel tubes were used throughout the interior spaces and in various scales from ceiling to furniture installations. By varying the density and patterning in different applications, the steel tubes extended out towards the exterior and were attached on to the existing structural frame. Bending and curving the steel tubes were achieved by construction workers and tools typically used for installing electrical conduits in buildings. When viewed from a distance, the structure looks opaque and light, with the steel tubing forming a cohesive, solid-looking surface. But up close, the building almost looks transparent, as though it has been wrapped in a wire that extends both, in and out of the space. The building was designed for Now 26, a television studio, and it houses both – the production spaces and the offices.

Architectkidd is known for its creative use of materials. Often it comes from observations on the street and construction sites and wondering what kind of tools people use to form their materials. Since they have been involved in a lot of renovations, sometimes it’s like reverse engineering, they study different modes of construction and the tools of production with the intention to use it in their own way. The use of steel tubes came about after the architects realized that tubes are often used in construction, but, they are normally hidden. To make them stand out, they studied how to bend and curve 19 mm steel bars with existing tools – basically a 3-wheel pipe bending tool that can bend straight pipes into multiple curves continuously.

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