The Airports Authority of India (AAI) is currently overseeing the construction of a new integrated terminal building at Pune Airport, a project expected to be completed by March 2022. This new facility, built at a cost of Rs 475 crore, is designed to efficiently handle up to 2,300 passengers during peak hours, providing a significant boost to the airport’s capacity and operational capabilities.

As part of the airport’s comprehensive revamp plan, a multi-level car park is also being constructed at an estimated cost of Rs 120 crore. This car park, featuring ground plus three storeys and two basement floors, will provide parking space for up to 1,024 cars, enhancing the airport’s overall infrastructure and convenience for travelers.

The new terminal building, spanning over 5 lakh sq ft, will be equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, including five boarding bridges, 34 check-in counters, and an in-line baggage handling system. Moreover, the terminal will feature 32,000 sq ft of space dedicated to food and beverage outlets as well as retail stores, offering passengers a range of amenities and services.

Additionally, the project includes the construction of a service yard spanning 3,800 sq meters, a sewage treatment plant with a capacity of 1,130 kilo litres per day, and a 10-lakh litre capacity underground tank. These facilities are essential for ensuring the smooth operation and environmental sustainability of the airport.

To further enhance connectivity and accessibility, the new terminal building will be connected to the departure area of the existing building via a sky bridge, complete with escalators and an elevator for passenger convenience. The completion of this project is expected to significantly improve the overall travel experience for passengers using Pune Airport, making it a more efficient and passenger-friendly hub.