The wait for Ludhiana’s international gateway is nearing its end. Though the Shaheed Kartar Singh Sarabha International Airport, also known as Halwara airport, missed its initial deadline of March 31, 2024, significant progress has been made. As of April 17, 2024, the project boasts a 75% completion rate and is on track for a mid-May 2024 finish.

The project, managed by the Public Works Department, has seen substantial progress across key areas. The apron, crucial for aircraft parking and maneuvering, is nearing completion at 90%. Similarly, the taxiway, a vital path for takeoffs and landings, is 55-60% complete, with additional work underway to widen a 200-meter stretch near the runway. These advancements ensure smooth operation for incoming and outgoing flights.

The heart of the airport, the terminal building, is even closer to the finish line. Standing at an impressive 98% complete, the building awaits final touches like painting, furniture installation, and water connections. Additionally, work on fabric integration for the canopies is ongoing.

While the initial deadline was missed, the project is experiencing a final push. The remaining 25% of construction is expected to be finished by mid-May. This includes the installation of the remaining equipment at the trolley gate, which will connect the airport complex with the Air Force station. Additionally, work on boundary roads, footpaths, and a bridge connecting the Aitiana village link road to the airport is ongoing.

The completion of the Ludhiana international airport holds immense significance for the region. Residents will no longer need to travel to Amritsar, Mohali, or Delhi to catch international flights. This improved accessibility will not only benefit individuals but also provide a boost to local businesses. The airport serves as a vital piece of infrastructure, fostering connectivity and economic growth for Ludhiana and surrounding areas.

With its completion on the horizon, the Shaheed Kartar Singh Sarabha International Airport is poised to take flight, transforming travel options and opening new opportunities for the region.