In a significant move towards a more sustainable future, Manitou Group, a leading manufacturer of equipment like forklifts, has secured deliveries of fossil-free steel through a strategic partnership with SSAB, a prominent Nordic steelmaker. This agreement marks a crucial step for both companies, aligning their shared objectives of drastically reducing their environmental footprint. Deliveries are set to commence in 2026, with a gradual increase as SSAB ramps up its production capacity for this innovative steel.
This collaboration paves the way for a new generation of eco-friendly Manitou products. SSAB’s fossil-free and Zero steel variants boast minimal fossil fuel emissions during production, a stark contrast to traditional steelmaking processes. This translates into telehandlers, aerial platforms, and forklifts with significantly reduced CO2 footprints, directly addressing the growing demand for environmentally conscious equipment across industries.
The partnership extends beyond immediate benefits. Olavi Huhtala, Executive VP and Head of SSAB Europe, expressed his enthusiasm about Manitou Group joining SSAB’s mission as a fossil-free partner. He underscored SSAB’s unwavering commitment to revolutionizing steel production for a greener future. This collaboration plays a pivotal role in creating early markets for sustainable steel, pushing the entire industry towards a more sustainable path.
Looking ahead, SSAB is determined to be the frontrunner in this green revolution. According to Manitou, SSAB is set to become the first company offering commercially available emission-free steel by 2026, signifying a major transformation in the steel industry.
Manitou itself is no stranger to ambitious sustainability goals. The company is steadfast in its commitment to reducing its environmental impact. By 2030, they aim for a 46.3% reduction in direct and indirect carbon emissions (scope 1 and 2) and a 33.7% decrease in CO2 emissions per hour of machine use (scope 3). This comprehensive approach reflects Manitou’s dedication to sustainability across its entire operation.
Maurizio Achilli, VP Sourcing at Manitou Group, highlighted the importance of this partnership in achieving these goals. Steel is the cornerstone material for Manitou’s products, and working with a supplier like SSAB, committed to sustainability, is paramount. This collaboration signifies Manitou’s dedication to driving sustainability not just within its own operations, but across its entire supply chain. By joining forces with SSAB, Manitou Group is not only securing a more sustainable future for itself, but also for its customers and the environment.