Saturday, July 13, 2024

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Rs 340 Crore Tender Approved for New Terminal at Hubballi Airport

Karnataka’s air connectivity is set to soar with a significant expansion at Hubballi Airport. A tender worth Rs 340 crore has been approved for this key development, focusing on constructing a new terminal to meet the rising demands of air travel.

Expected to kick off by the year’s end, this expansion aims to enhance the airport’s capacity and facilities. The goal is to accommodate more passengers and streamline operations. It’s part of a larger strategy to position Hubballi as a central aviation hub, fostering economic growth and improving the travel experience for flyers.

The approved tender outlines plans for a modern terminal with advanced facilities and technology, all designed for passenger convenience. This initiative is expected to positively impact regional connectivity, tourism, and trade, contributing to Karnataka’s aviation sector growth.

These upcoming changes highlight Karnataka’s dedication to upgrading aviation infrastructure, ensuring it keeps pace with the region’s rapid growth. Hubballi Airport is poised to become a pivotal player in the state’s aviation landscape through this expansion.

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