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Tripura CM Evaluates Affordable Steel-Based Housing for Weaker Sections

Manik Saha, the Chief Minister of Tripura, conducted a visit to the Agartala Light House Projects, currently under construction, on September 4th. During his visit, he highlighted the affordable nature of these houses, which are specifically designed for the benefit of the weaker sections of society.

Speaking about the significance of the Light House Project, Chief Minister Saha emphasised its importance as a dream project aimed at providing cost-effective housing solutions. These projects incorporate modern construction technologies, marking a first in Tripura’s development landscape. He expressed satisfaction with the progress of the project and underscored the need for timely completion.

The Light House Project in Tripura stands out for its innovative use of the Light Gauge Steel Frame System (LGSF) combined with a Pre-Engineered Steel Structural System. This approach reflects a commitment to providing efficient and affordable housing options for the community.

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