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1,300 Government Structures in Bihar to Harness Solar

In an effort to diminish reliance on coal-generated electricity and foster the adoption of eco-friendly energy sources, the Bihar Renewable Energy Development Authority (BREDA) is embarking on a project to install rooftop solar panels on approximately 1,300 government structures across the state capital.

The initial phase of this endeavor will prioritise installing solar panels on school and hospital buildings. The chosen structures have been categorised based on their energy consumption levels. Among the 1,300 sites, installations of rooftop solar panels exceeding a load of 40 Kilowatts (kW) will occur at 300 locations. Concurrently, structures with energy capacities below 40 kW will host solar panels at 1,000 sites. BREDA has established a three-month timeline to accomplish this deployment.

The objective encompasses generating 65 Megawatts (MW) of electricity via the integration of solar panels across 1,300 buildings in Patna. This initial phase prioritises hospitals and schools, with a minimum of 2kW solar panels interconnected with the electricity grid. Generated power will flow into the grid, while the institution will access electricity from the same source. For instance, if a government facility utilises 1500 units, the installed solar panel producing roughly 500 units will channel energy into the grid. As a result, the establishment will only be billed for the remaining 1000 units supplied by the grid.

Following the Patna initiative, the project’s scope will extend incrementally to other urban centers like Muzaffarpur, Bhagalpur, Gaya, and Darbhanga. The phased approach underlines BREDA’s commitment to fostering renewable energy adoption and sustainability throughout the state.

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