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Gokhale Bridge Steel Girder Installation Set to Begin in Andheri, Mumbai

Construction work on the Gokhale Bridge in Andheri, Mumbai is set to commence, marking the start of girder installation using steel components. The initial batch of steel arrived at the site two weeks ago. The construction timeline anticipates the launch of the first girder in October, followed by the second in November. BMC officials have expressed their commitment to opening a section of this vital east-west connector by Diwali.

For this project, a “push method” will be employed, wherein each girder will be assembled at the construction site before being moved into place. A specialised crane with a 50-ton weight capacity and 360-degree manoeuvrability has been deployed to facilitate this process.

The Gokhale Bridge’s girder span is an impressive 90 meters, ranking it as the city’s second-largest railway bridge. The bridge was closed in November 2022 due to structural concerns, and reopening it has faced delays. Despite initial plans to open two lanes by May, unexpected shortages in the supply of steel components have posed challenges. Nevertheless, efforts are underway to open at least one side of the bridge before the Diwali festival, providing relief to commuters.

Adding to the area’s transportation woes, the frequent flooding of the Andheri subway during heavy rainfall this year has underscored the vital role of the Gokhale Bridge. These challenges have compounded the inconvenience experienced by the public in the region.

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