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In-House Manufacturing Plant of Lumax Group, Bawal, Haryana

An exclusive green facility for manufacturing PCB

This in-house manufacturing facility is a plant for printed circuit boards belonging to the Lumax Group. It is in the heart of the industrial model town of Bawal in Haryana. It has a built-up of 60,000 sq.ft. It is only the first phase plant spreading across 5 acres of land was designed specifically keeping in mind the needs of its workforce, system, and production facility in the composite structure of RCC and Steel.


The Vision

Studio Linedesign Architects has been associated with The Lumax Group since 2001 and has completed over 20+ projects pan India. With the in-house demand of PCB for the Lumax Group, giving good approach to the quality of design, the client’s focus on investing in people, investing in the system and investing in the process. The project required to come out clean on every parameter of green architecture.

The client’s vision was to bring out a good expression of façade along with quality design. The project is a composite structure with the peripheral constructed with RCC and the main production area built-in steel structure with the use of pre-engineered frames and girder to reduce the construction time.

Initial Thought

The thought process was to initiate long-term sustainability and expression of the façade with specific green goals at the conceptualization stage. The endeavour was to create a sustainable and green architecture that stands out to its surroundings and user experience.



Haryana State Industrial and Infrastructure Development Corporation Limited (HSIIDC) is responsible for Industrial and Infrastructure Development in the state of Haryana. The plot structure is considered very important for construction of any building. In such cases even number of sides like rectangular and square are considered best kinds of plots. The reason most industrial designs are rectangular, or square is because they are easier, faster, and more economical to build out of ordinary materials like stone, concrete, brick, or steel. Rectangular and square shapes are also exponentially easier to reconcile and there is usually less waste. Altered shapes not only utilize more materials and assets but are more expensive to construct and maintain.

Use of Steel

During the approach of conceptual design, steel was introduced to reduce time and precision in design and execution. As steel makes it possible to create large column-free space. The total amount used in the project is 450 tons.



Industrial spaces can quickly be transformed into cost-effective projects leaving ventilation, pipes, bricks and concrete exposed is less costly than covering the features with drywall. Lumax has a huge in-house demand of PCB for which they wanted to set up an exclusive faculty to produce 10 SMT lines inside the plant.

The effort was made to put an expression of facade for which a combination of ACP panels and double-glazed glass was used to highlight the facade on a 90m wide span. SLA put efforts to apply industrial ecology and achieve greater eco-efficiencies by applying ecosystem principles to all their activities. It has a completely clean room environment of Class 10,000 with pillars on the outside. For the flooring, Trimixflooring was preferred with a floor load of 5000KG/sq.m.

While doing an electronic factory, Electro Static Discharge (ESD) flooring is preferred. This led to the flooring of the production area where ESD flooring is used. Apart from the construction of Phase 1, more than 30 percent of the natural topography was preserved on site to sync the design approach with the latest global guidelines on green sustainable environments. For the office spaces are all driven by the modern look and contemporary design, fit for a healthy work environment.



Digital design software is crucial in the modern architecture sector. Clients expect to see more than concept drawings, blueprints, and physical models. For 2D drawings, conceptual drawings and working drawing details, AutoCAD has been used and for 3D drawings, Sketchup and 3Ds Max were used to provide a more realistic feel of the project.



As the impact of the Novel Corona Virus (COVID-19) pandemic continued to expand in 2020, construction was restricted for nearly 8 months. The project was handed over from start to completion in a span of 23 months including the time span of the pandemic.

Studio Linedesign Architects has been associated with The Lumax Group since 2001. The overall experience of working with the company and on the project along with the team as well as individuals has been a great experience. All Lumax projects give the opportunity to understand and express the business-client relationship. It is a fine chance to learn how to assess a client’s problem and provide a solution for it. This kind of process is a great tool for any architect who is looking to pursue a career in industrial architecture that involves working with a project team in a business setting irrespective of the fact whether it is related to technology or not.


“Studio LINEDESIGN stands committed towards Success of Their Clients, each action of the project is oriented towards this common goal. We keep Sustainability, Energy Savings and On-time project delivery at the forefront of each of our projects. I personally delve into every project to ensure that these goals are not compromised. We prepare & communicate the Project workflow in the initial stage of the project and thereafter each team member strives to achieve the same by creating close coherent synergies amongst all stakeholders of the project. This process-driven approach helps achieve very complex timelines with utmost ease without fail.”

Gaurav Varmani, Principal Architect, studio LINDESIGN



“Lumax Group is one of our strategic customers with whom we have been associated for more than 20 years and have executed many of their projects across 20+ different locations totaling to more than 8,100 MT. This project at Haryana having total tonnage of 450 MT is spread over built-up area of 5,600 square meters (60,000 sft). It is an industrial building with expanse of 72 meters and length of 60 meters having a flat mezzanine of 15 m x 15 m span with total load of 80 Kg/sqm. Steel is one of the most eco-friendly construction material which is green in nature, recyclable, re-usable, versatile in nature, tensile, highly durable and has high strength to weight ratio. Lumax Group giving preference to Kirby and Pre-Fabricated Steel Buildings in itself signifies the trust and partnership Kirby has established with all the customers over the last two decades of its existence in India.”

Kirby Building Systems & Structures India Pvt Ltd


Fact File

Architect& PMC: Studio LINEDESIGN Architects

Structural Engineer: A K B Consultants

Steel Fabricator& Steel Supplier: Kirby Building Systems & Structures India Pvt. Ltd

Steel Tonnage: 450Tons

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