Jindal Steel and Power Limited

Jindal Steel and Power limited is a leading industrial powerhouse with strong footprints acorss core economic sectors like Steel, Mining, Energy and Cement. JSPL is one of the leaders in the Indian Steel Industry with a significant global presence.The company produces economical and efficient steel thorugh backward and forward integration.JSPL has revolutionised the process of steel making with a ceasless drive for excellence, innovation and unmatched quality to emrge as a trailblazer in the industry. With a production capacity of 8.6 MTPA of steel in India ,the Company’s product portfolio spans across the steel value chain from widest flat products to a whole range of long products and rails.JSPL has pioneered the production of Hot Rolled Parallel Flage Beams and columns in India. The first to produce world’s longest 121 –metre long rail and Head Hardened rail for metros , JSPL is the leading private players for rails in India. JSPL is alo the producer of 5- meter –wide plates , the widest in India, and Jindal Panther TMT bars, largest Fe550d producer to cater to the need of the construction industry.

Products :
1. Parallel Flange Beams and Columns:

JSPL has pioneered the production of Hot Rolled Parallel Flange Beams, Columns and Sheet Piles in India, which are extensively used in Building, Construction and Infrastructure.
Advantage : Higher Strength to weight ratio, Wide dimensional range, Economical , Atmospheric corrosion resistance, Superior weldability, Multiple sectional weight.

UB Series – UB 152 mm x 89 mm – 610 mm x 229 mm
UC Series – UC 152 mm x 152 mm to UC 356 mm x 406 mm
WPB Series – WPB 320 mm x 300 mm – WPB 900 mm x 300 mm
NPB Series- NPB 180 mm x 90 mm to NPB 600 mm x 220 mm
HE Series – HEA/HEB/HEM 320 – HEA/HEB/HEM 900
Grade: E 250 to E 450


2. Plates

JSPL manufactures plates for bridges,dams, civil structures and for industrialfabrication works. JSPL Plate mill iscapable to produce value added plateproducts.
Grades : IS 2062 E250 to E550, EN 10025 S235 to S450, ASTM A36, A283/285, A588
Thickness : 5 to 150 mm
Width : upto 5000 mm
Length : upto 24000 mm


3. Channels

One of the hot rolled structural shapes which JSPL offers is the tapered flange channel which is available in a wide range of sizes and thickness. The shape provides superior structural support, making it an ideal product for frames and braces for building and structural support applications
Advantage : Mild to high tensile strength, Superior Weldability, Atmospheric Corrosion Resistance, Wide Dimensional Range
ISMC Channels: 75mm X 40mm to 400mm X 100mm in various sectional weights


4. Jindal Panther TMT

Jindal Panther™ TMT Rebars are advanced rebars which are superior to ordinary TMT owing to the HYQST Technology making high strength, high ductility and bendability and high weldability rebar. The TMT rebars are conforming to the latest BIS-1786: 2008 specifications and are available in Fe 500D, Fe 550D &600 grade in normal, EQR & CRS quality, where Fe 500D grade is highly suitable for seismic prone areas.
TMT Sizes : 6mm to 40 mm


5. Equal Angles

JSPL is the manufacturer of hot rolled equal leg angles which are available in a variety of grades and sizes, making
it ideal for structural applications like bracings and general fabrications, tansmission towers and lines etc.
ISA Angles: 75mm X 75mm to 250mm X 250mm in various sectional weights
Advantage – Wide dimensional range , Excellent Surface finish, Close dimensional tolerance, Superior Weldability, Mild to high strength, Formable and Machinable.


6. Fabricated Steel Structure

JSPL fabricates the following sections as per user’s specifications:
• H-type Beams • I-type Beams • Box Sections • Star Columns
Flange Width: upto 1000 mm
Web Thickness: 7 to 50 mm
Flange Thickness: 7 to 80 mm


7. Cut and Bend

Cut and Bend is an innovative ready-to-use steel solution for constructio. The ready to build customised TMT bar solution customises the lengths of the rebars and bends them at required angles in accordance with the given project requirements. This fast and efficient service caters to every kind of reinforcement requirement, redefines concepts of time and inventory management and reduces material wastage.
Type – B, C & V (Stirrup)


8. Weld Mesh
Welded wire mesh is a new and efficient product which is aimed to expedite the construction process. It is a processed steel product that consists of rebars welded together to form a grid pattern.Its use reduces construction time considerably as it eliminates activities like cutting, marking and spacing of bars and binding of wires to the bars. It provides an ideal and convenient solution with practical and functional advantages.
Advantages : Zero Scrap , Ready To use , Reduces Labour Dependency, Cost-Effective.
Bar diameter 6 to 12 mm
Aperture 50, 100, 150 and 200 mm
Width X Length 3000 X 6000 mm

9. Sheet Piles:

Sheet Piles is widely used for temporary or permanent construction of river embankments, quay walls of ports, retaining walls, cut-off walls, earthquake strengthening structures etc. The use of sheet piles in construction has the following advantages:

  • Lighter Structures and Faster construction
  • Lesser construction equipment and labour at site.
  • The work is neat, clean, and creates no spoil arisings. The supervision of work on-site can be reduced, and minimal storage space is required.
  • Sheet piles can provide a close-fitting joint to form an effective water seal.