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Port of Montréal Tower, Canada

The Port of Montréal Tower, designed by Provencher_Roy, is a key feature of the extensive revitalisation of an aging infrastructure complex, turning it into a stunning public landscape. Rising to a height of 65 m, the tower provides a breathtaking panoramic view of the city and the river, serving as a visual landmark for boat arrivals, akin to a lighthouse, and marking the entrance to the port.

The building stands as an opportunity to celebrate Montreal’s natural icons —the Saint-Lawrence River and Mount Royal. The tower, with daring cantilevers, stands out as a remarkable landmark, attracting both tourists and locals to the Grand Quai. As one of the tallest structures in the area, it signals the quay and serves as a new public space for pedestrians and cruise ship visitors.

The cantilever design not only lends the tower a distinctive silhouette, but also offers 360o views. From the top, visitors can enjoy panoramic vistas, spotting landmarks such as Habitat 67, Silo No.5, Basilique Notre-Dame, the Saint Lawrence River, and Mount Royal.

Inspired by the site’s industrial heritage, the tower’s design pays homage to the former wheat-storing hangars with vertically oriented proportions resembling a grain elevator. The visible steel structure and structural concrete frame through the glazed facade honour the industrial forms that characterised the port. The tower’s core and frame collaborate to give its elevation a unique sense of depth.

The decision to showcase the tower’s structure behind a curtain wall celebrates the site’s
industrial history. Adjacent to the pier stands the Tour des Convoyeurs, referencing its
role in unloading grain from ships in the past.

The approach involves crafting a subtle landscape that pays homage to the site’s industrial history while offering an appealing destination for pedestrians. Incorporating
both simple and grand gestures, the design seamlessly integrates with the industrial context, upholding the importance of the site’s remarkable heritage.

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