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A global real estate player whose enduring projects is their identification. This has also made them as one of the market players of Ahmedabad. Going Green is their motto with they have and are implementing in all their works along with its prime focus of customer satisfaction.

To speak in depth about their most promising project and future plans we have with us the man of the hour
Vishal Sheth, Partner, Addor Realty Pvt Ltd & Savani Infrastructure …


What is your take on the Indian Real Estate Sector?
Real estate sector in India is expected to contribute 13 per cent of the country’s GDP by 2025. India is emerging as an important business location globally. It’s favorable demographics, and, strong economic growth has made India attractive for property investors.

Also, with the growing IT&ITES sectors, the Indian offshoring operations of multi-national companies are increasing the demand for commercial space. Now, the real estate sector is becoming more organized and is providing the much-needed infrastructure for India’s growing needs.

Having one of the landmark projects – Statue of Unity in your city, how do you think this would aid in the growth of Gujarat’s Infrastructure?
Yes, The Statue of Unity, made its name in the impressive list of man-made structures which has earned global admiration. Definitely, its presence in our city has boosted tourism both locally, and, Internationally. The history makes it evident that once-in-a-lifetime structures like the Statue of Unity, which is ambitious both in its scale and its design, will definitely help in the growth of the state’s infrastructure.

What is your take on steel v/s RCC?
Steel Structures has many benefits in terms of environmental friendly, high durability, speed of construction, reduction in dead load compared to RCC etc. But, as far as India is concern, steel structures are not common as it is an oligopoly market – only a few steel contractors – no perfect competition, which may result in affects the cost and quality, also affects the maintenance of costly fire rated paint, due to reversible deflection of steel members is another concern and leads to heavy maintenance cost.

Looking at the benefits and future aspects of steel structures I must say there should be healthy competition in terms of steel vendors and alternatives to costly paints to make it viable as well to increase acceptance level in market.

The Indian government has laid down quite a few polices RERA, GST, REITS and the Benami Transactions (Prohibition) Amendment Act. How beneficial are such policies to the Real Estate Industry?
Well, every well-planned policy defined for any sector by government is beneficial for that industry so is for real estate. Government has initiated and implemented good policies like RERA, GST, REITS and many others.

These policies have not only changed the sector, but also improvised a lot and are benefited by both developers and buyers. These policies would work as strong pillars for the industry to grow multifold with higher trust in developers, speedy paper work & other procedures, transparency in way of working and many more.

What are the major hurdles faced by the Developers?
Real Estate is considered a worthwhile investment for Indians. As an outcome, the real estate companies are exploring several prospects in the peripheral areas to create an impression. By 2020, the India real estate market is anticipated to reach US$ 180 billion, according to Indian brand and equity foundation.

There are hurdles in every industry, and, so is in real estate for developers. There is delay in obtaining sanctions, advertising and marketing the project, encroachment of land, land rates, limitations placed by local authorities, speculations on real estate prices to name a few. But the Indian government has been working to resolve the issues, and, to make Indian real estate industry a smoother area with less hassles.


Can you highlight some steel or composite structures that Addor Realty has constructed or are going to construct in the near future?
We at Addor Realty have been creating structures that last for a century and it is the same with all our projects since inception. We have developed more than ten projects and every project is structured with the highest class of composites and will continue the practice in the future as well.

Our commercial and residential projects like Cloud 9, Aspire, 14 Crowns at Ahmedabad are some of our landmark projects with one of the finest and strongest structures. Our upcoming project by Savani Group ‘World Center 3’ which is the first high-rise commercial project at premium location of Sabarmati Riverfront CBD Zone in Ahmedabad with LEED certified green building, and, will be one of the best of its type in the steel structure with best architectural design.

What is your opinion on Smart Cities Mission?
Smart Cities mission is a foot forward which will prove to be a good step. It will help a lot to urban planning and infrastructure.

What makes Addor Realty / Savani Infra unique?
Addor Reality and Savani infra believes in being eco-friendly. So the new project of Savani Infra is the green building which is going to support environmental sustainability and awareness. With plans of expansion we are ensuring customer care and after sale services and mainly customer satisfaction.

How do you plan to make your stand even stronger in the market?
We plan to be stronger by being environment friendly, by creating strong customer satisfaction base and systematic work.

What would like to say to our reader?
We would first like to thank all the readers for believing us and keep that trust and support us and come and visit our sites to know more about us.

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